Gear Diary’s 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is May 8th, and we all know how holidays like this have a habit of sneaking up on you! With the items in our 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide, you can help mom work smarter, relax more comfortably, and ease some of her daily grind. Whether you’re on a budget or the sky is the limit, we’ve got you covered if you’re having trouble (or haven’t even started) figuring out what to give to the most influential women in your life!

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon Echo Show 15 for the 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

If mom likes to stay organized, updated, and entertained, she will love the $249.99 Amazon Echo Show 15! It looks like a modern photo frame, and it can be mounted on the wall in portrait or landscape mode or set on a table using its optional stand, but it can do so much more than show mom’s favorite photos from Amazon Photos, her phone, or Facebook.

The Amazon Echo Show 15’s home screen uses widgets to display shared calendars, personal sticky notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, and reminders. If used in the kitchen, mom can get recipe ideas when she needs a little inspiration; she can cook hands-free with step-by-step instructions, add ingredients to her shopping cart, order meal kits, or even order takeout. The Echo Show 15 can also stream shows, music, podcasts, and audiobooks with Amazon Music, Spotify, and Audible.

Mom’s privacy is essential, so she will appreciate that the Amazon Echo Show 15 has multiple privacy controls, including a mic/camera off button and a built-in camera shutter.

Give mom the family hub that she’s been saying she needs, the large digital photo frame she’s been saying she wants, and all of Alexa’s superpowers in one convergent device; mom will love this!

Withings ScanWatch in Rose Gold

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

The $299.95 Withings ScanWatch in Rose Gold is the newest hybrid smartwatch from Withings; it’s also the perfect gift for moms who want to keep tabs on their heart health. With its white or blue face, the 38mm rose gold ScanWatch is fashionable, but it’s also loaded with state-of-the-art medical technology; in fact, it is the most health-oriented watch ever offered to the public!

Like the Withings Steel HR, the Withings ScanWatch is a 5ATM water-resistant hybrid smartwatch that automatically tracks and gives in-depth reports via the excellent Withings Health Mate app on steps, workouts (with GPS tracking via mom’s smartphone), sleep, and heart rate.

ScanWatch has a smart wake-up alarm that will vibrate on mom’s wrist at the best time for easy wake-up if she sets the alarm, and it can also deliver smartphone notifications on her wrist.

The SanWatch’s measurement tools are clinically validated and FDA approved. Under the ScanWatch’s scratch-resistant sapphire glass face, there is a medical-grade ECG (for detecting signs of atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat rhythms) and a medical-grade oximeter for SpO2 measurements. ScanWatch even tracks breathing in conjunction with the two measurements to catch any sleep disturbances, which can be a sign of sleep apnea.

Some other features that aren’t found on the Steel HR are a raise-to-wake display that shows the time and date (no crown-pressing necessary), the number of floors climbed, a do not disturb feature, and a scrollable, pressable crown that will get mom to her watch’s different features quickly. There’s even a Breathe mode that will help consciously slow her breathing down and calm her heart rate if she’s feeling agitated or stressed.

The ScanWatch’s battery lasts almost a month, so mom won’t have to worry about nightly charging or bringing a charger with her on vacations or work trips. Mom’s going to love this watch!


Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

If mom loves her loungewear, take a look at the Miami-based beachwear brand, pítusa. Whether you want to give her a beautiful beach cover-up, pajamas to keep her cozy, or a cute maxi dress, pítusa has a huge variety of colorful options for less than $150!

SanDisk iXpand Flashdrive Luxe

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe for iPhone and USB Type-C Devices

The SanDisk iXpand Flashdrive Luxe is a sleek flash drive that has both Lightning and USB Type-C connectors in an all-metal casing; with it, mom will be able to transfer files between most of her devices. She can plug the drive into her phone, tablet, or computer to quickly back up photos and files and free up space. She can keep all of her files and content secure through the iXpand Drive app with password protection across iOS devices and PCs.

The SanDisk iXpand Flashdrive Luxe comes in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB sizes, and it’s priced at $39.99, $47.99, and $74.99, respectively. You can get them from Western Digital and Amazon.

Gourmia FoodStation Smokeless Indoor Grill/Air Fryer

Gear Diary's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Something for Everyone, Even Your Hardest to Shop for Friends and Family!

The $129.99 Gourmia FoodStation Smokeless Indoor Grill and Air Fryer combines two of the most popular cooking methods into a revolutionary kitchen appliance. Mom can watch her meals grill or air fry through the FoodStation’s closed see-through lid; there is no smoke or splatter, and there’s much less clean up after cooking!

The FoodStation’s direct bottom-heated grate produces the taste, texture, and grill marks of an outdoor BBQ but with virtually no smoke. Mom can enjoy grilling year-round inside, and with FryForce 360° technology, she can also create low-fat air-fried meals that are perfectly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Gourmia’s FoodStation is the first combination grill and air fryer that gets it all right by offering home cooks a list of features, including:

  • Five one-touch cooking functions: Grill, Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Dehydrate
  • 510°F category-leading cooking temperature (the hottest grill available)
  • CycloVortex ultra-efficient, super-precise grill/air-frying technology produces results with maximum authenticity with a minimum of smokiness
  • Exclusive, bottom-mounted 3000rpm engine and heating element; only bottom-driven air fryer in the market
  • Built-in, super-efficient smoke extractor delivers an authentic “outdoor” grilling and searing experience indoors and with virtually no smoke

Soundcore Frames

Soundcore Frames

Soundcore Frames are audio glasses with a detachable and interchangeable frame that offer surround sound. They are stylish and fun, and mom is going to love them!

You can start mom off with a complete set of Soundcore Frames and audio temples for $199.99; later, she can add additional front frames for $49.99 to mix and match her eyewear for every look. The polarized lenses will protect mom’s eyes by blocking up to 99% of UVA/B rays, and they’re also scratch- and shatter-resistant.

Soundcore Frames have an open ear audio design with four speakers and a custom audio processor, so they’ll treat mom’s ears to rich surround sound without blocking out the world. When a call comes in, privacy mode is automatically activated, and dual microphones will keep her voice clear — even over background noise.

Mom will appreciate getting up to 5.5 hours of playtime from a single charge, and Soundcore Frames are protected with IPX4 water resistance, so she won’t have to worry about sudden downpours or unexpected spills.

Switching between different frame styles is easy; when mom’s ready for a new look, she can simply remove the audio temples from her current frame’s hinges and attach another. She’ll be able to go from a classic design to blocking blue light or to something a little funkier within seconds. The audio temples are made from TR90, a lightweight and durable polymer that’s comfortable against the skin.

Mom can tailor the sound, controls, and more with the Soundcore app, and yes — she can absolutely take the frames to her optometrist for the correct lenses if she wears prescription eyewear!

15″ Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 Laptop

15" Lenovo Yoga 9i

If mom keeps complaining that her current laptop is too slow, too small, has too few ports, and can’t do all she needs, keep the 15″ Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 in mind! This laptop has a gorgeous 15.6″ HDR touchscreen display that offers plenty of room to open multiple spreadsheets, browser windows, and anything else mom might need. It also has 10th Gen Intel Core H series processors for enough power to run even the most demanding creative tools for photo and video editing, music production, and PC gaming.

The Yoga 9i is also an entertainment powerhouse with a Dolby Atmos speaker system encased directly in the 360º hinge for three-dimensional audio, whether mom uses it in laptop, tablet, or tent mode.

Of course, it also has best-in-class Intel WiFi 6, two high-speed USB-C Thunderbolt connectors, a garaged pen that charges in the port, a fingerprint reader, and that excellent Lenovo webcam privacy shutter.

The slate gray 15″ Lenovo Yoga 9i starts at $1399.99.

Roborock S7+

The $949.98 Roborock S7+ combines the award-winning Roborock S7 sonic mopping robot vacuum with an auto-empty dock that holds up to eight weeks of dust and debris! If you’re thinking about how busy mom is and how she shouldn’t have to deal with daily sweeping, mopping, or emptying her robot helper’s bin every few days, the Roborock S7+ is the perfect solution.

The Roborock S7+ is available in black or white, and it features 2500 Pa of suction, multi-layer HEPA air filtration, automatic dust collection, and LiDAR navigation with multi-level mapping. It also has sonic mop vibration with ultrasonic carpet recognition and intelligent mop lifting, so mom won’t ever have to worry about her robot-vac accidentally mopping on the carpet.

And yes, the Roborock S7+ works with Alexa & Google Home!

Lumina Webcam

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Is mom still working remotely and sitting through tons of video conferencing calls? Or is she using video calls with the family to stay close to everyone, even if they are spread all over the world? If so, then she will appreciate the $199 Lumina webcam.

The Lumina webcam is easy to set up and easy to use; its ultra-wide DSLR studio-quality webcam will make sure that mom looks and sounds her best every time she uses it. Even if mom doesn’t have the perfect lighting, background, or quiet space, Lumina will understand what’s going on in her environment and intelligently enhance her lighting to bring out natural colors with stunning depth-of-field effects so she’ll look amazing on every call.

Mom can either configure her to look exactly the way she wants, or she can simply click on “auto” and Lumina’s artificial intelligence will do all the work for her. The Lumina webcam has dual noise-canceling microphones to eliminate distractions and surrounding noise to better capture mom’s voice.

The Lumina will keep mom perfectly framed, even if she moves around during her video calls. The webcam’s depth-sensing technology hides background distractions with a configurable bokeh effect so mom will be crystal clear, but the folded clothing that dad left the chair behind her won’t be so noticeable.

The Lumina webcam has a beautifully finished aluminum alloy unibody that’s available in rose gold, gold, silver, or atomic gray.


Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

If mom is in the Apple ecosystem, she is going to really appreciate these Nomad picks. She can simultaneously charge her iPhone and Apple Watch with the $149.99 Base One Max, dress up her AirPods Pro in a $31 English Tan AirPods Pro Case, and personalize her Apple Watch with one of Nomad’s $59.95 Sport Bands — colors include Dune, Lunar Gray, Ash Green, or Marine Blue.

Even better, you can get 20% off items in Nomad’s Mother’s Day Gift Collection with the code MOM20!

Lavinia Oh.Hi

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here are the facts: Lavinia oh.hi is a silicone-based cannabis lubricant. Combining the cannabinoids THC and CBD results in an increase in blood flow around the area where oh.hi is applied. This increase in blood flow can lead to heightened sensations and general muscle relaxation ending with positive results. Got it?

If the mother in your life happens to be your partner and you live in California, this seems like a no-brainer. Use this list to see if Lavinia oh.hi is available at a dispensary near you.

Firebelly Tea

Tea may be the second most popular beverage worldwide (behind water), but many of us are used to drinking the “boxed wine” equivalent! Give mom a true treat with Firebelly Tea; they sell the highest quality loose leaf teas and ingredients without any of the lab “flavourings” often found in teas.

Firebelly Tea also sells cups, infusers, and other aesthetic and functional accessories to help mom create a daily ritual that is enjoyable, unique, and healthy!

After you pick out a type of tea that mom will be sure to enjoy, be sure to check out the $34.95 Stop-Infusion Travel Mug; not only does it make the perfect brew, but it also has a comfy tapered lip that ensures an even flow while drinking so the tea goes in mom’s mouth and not down her top!

Beautifect Complete Brush Collection

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Elevate mom’s daily makeup experience with the £79.00 Beautifect Complete Brush Collection, which includes eight pro-level luxury makeup brushes that are densely filled with soft premium quality vegan bristles for seamless makeup application and blending.

The length of each brush has been ergonomically designed to fit neatly into the user’s hand; crafted with a luxe matte gold finish, each brush has Beautifect’s signature weighted end to aid the correct pressure for an airbrushed makeup application. The brush’s premium fibers will hold their shape, even after multiple uses and washes.

The Complete Brush Collection includes a contour brush, a blush brush, a powder brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow lid brush, an eyeshadow crease brush, a dual end brush, and a Beautifect Pouch.

Whether mom is a makeup pro or just starting to have fun with contouring, these premium brushes will help her get her best results.

WD MyPassport SSD

Does mom need a highly portable SSD that offers quick backup capabilities and fast performance? The My Passport SSD offers read speeds of up to 1050MB/s and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s with NVMe technology. It will also give mom security features like password protection and hardware encryption to help keep her files and photos safe. Slim, light, and pocketable, the MyPassport SSD’s metal body can withstand drops up to 6.5′.

The WD MyPassPort SSD is available in multiple colors, and you can find it in memory denominations of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB; it’s priced at $104.99, $134.99, $234.99, and $459.99.99, respectively. You can get it from Western Digital and Amazon.

Twinkly Dots

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Twinkly Dots are the first app-controlled LED string on the market with a miniaturized design that removes the need for the bulky profile of the LED strings we’re used to seeing. The nearly invisible wires make Twinkly Dots extremely light, flexible, and discreet; they’re also the first Twinkly product available in a USB-powered, totally portable version.

Mom is going to love that Twinkly Dots have the refined look and feel of high-end decorator lights; they are as versatile and easy to use as classic LED strings lights, but she’ll be able to create exciting and more refined ways to illuminate her spaces with them.

Through the Twinkly smartphone app, mom can detect the exact position of each Twinkly light and fully customize them with effects, shading, and animation; she can also pick and edit premade effects in the gallery or download new ones, or she can create her own effects.

Mom can configure the dots through Wi-FI or Bluetooth and control them through the iOS or Android Twinkly app or with her favorite voice-activated digital assistants, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Homey.

Twinkly Dots are available now in three sizes, including 10′ (60 LEDs) for $49.99, 33′ (200 LEDs) for $114.99, and 66′ (400 LEDs).

Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito System

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Even if mosquitos didn’t carry diseases like Encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus, they would still be unwanted pests when mom is trying to enjoy the sunset from her back patio. Keep her bite-free for many years with a Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito System.

Scent-free, people, and pet-friendly, Thermacell LIV is a semi-permanently installed and connected mosquito repellant system that can control those annoying blood-suckers in the space of about 945 square feet with the $699 base kit throughout the season.

If mom has more extensive square footage in her backyard patio and pool area, she might need the LIV four-pack for $799 (up to 1,260 square feet) or the five-pack for $899 (up to 1,600 square feet).

LIV uses no batteries and no sprays, and it has smart programmable features so mom can control her LIV system, set timers, set on & off schedules, and check her repellant cartridge levels right from the app.

Using a solution containing 5.5% metofluthrin, an EPA-registered synthetic molecule modeled after a naturally occurring repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers, LIV repels mosquitoes, keeping them out of the part of the yard where mom is sitting and off of your mom.

Rather than having a pest control company spray the yard once a month with harsh insecticides and pesticides from spring to fall or running 27/7 mosquito misters to repel (or kill) all bugs from mom’s yard indiscriminately, LIV works differently. About 30 minutes before mom wants to go outside, she can turn LIV on and go outside when she’s ready. While she’s outside, mom can enjoy the mosquito-free zone that LIV creates. When she goes in, she can turn LIV off.

Mom will have mosquito protection where and when she wants it for as long as she wants to be outside without a constant blanketing of pesticides and insecticides in the yard and on the plants. LIV seems like it would be much kinder to beneficial pollinating insects in her backyard, like bees and butterflies.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock ($89.99 value)

Smart Clock Gen 2, Grey, with Charging Station

In 2019, I reviewed the Lenovo Smart Clock, and I have been using it ever since. What mom will get with the Smart Clock is a bedside display that can do much more than just tell her the time or wake her up with a shrill buzzing.

The Lenovo Smart Clock allows mom to command her connected smart home devices, play music, check the weather, check her calendar, rotate Google photo album photos on display, and ask all the questions that we’ve come to appreciate a simple “Hey, Google …” answering. In other words, it’s smart and brilliant without being intrusive or too big.

The $89.99 Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with wireless charging dock takes everything that I loved about the original Smart Clock and builds on it by adding better speakers that have been tuned for clearer vocals and tones, and it now gives mom a wireless bedside charging base for her smartphone. If she needs to charge her earbuds simultaneously, there is a USB Type-A port on the back waiting to help.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2’s charging dock has a night light that is just bright enough to illuminate mom’s way without disturbing her sleep or bothering anyone else.

OnePlus Buds Pro

The $149.99 OnePlus Buds Pro are true wireless earphones with a small, perfectly balanced, and comfortable design. They offer 40dB of smart adaptive noise cancelation, automatically adapting to the ambient sound in mom’s environment. They have 11mm dynamic drivers so that mom will get punchy bass. They also offer a personalized hearing profile for a precisely tailored audio experience, so they will sound great whether she is making calls, listening to music, watching videos, or gaming.

The fully charged OnePlus Buds Pro will give mom up to seven hours of listening, but their charging case brings the total to a whopping 38 hours of listening time; Warp Charging the earbud’s case will give you up to ten hours of listening time in ten minutes! The buds are IP55 for water and sweat resistance, and the charging case is IPX4-rated, so you can use them worry-free in just about any weather. You can get the OnePlus Buds Pro in Matte Black, Glossy White, and the new limited-edition Radiant Silver.

TROVA GO and GO+plus

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Trova Go

Does mom have natural medicines or little things that she’d rather the kids didn’t find or get into? Of course, she does. You can help keep others’ hands off her private stuff with the$199 TROVA GO or the slightly larger $249 TROVA GO+plus. Both TROVA GO models are discreet biometric smart storage vessels that are also compact, intelligent, and secure.

The TROVA GO and GO+plus are large enough to hold more than you’d think, yet they are compact enough to fit inside larger pockets, handbags, backpacks, or athletic bags. Sealed to contain odors, TROVA GO interiors are organized to maximize the available space.

While elegantly made and lovely to handle, the aluminum TROVA GO and GO+plus are also made to be overlooked as if they were a hard drive or a battery.

The TROVA GO and GO+plus aren’t meant to replace the types of safes that can be bolted to a home’s floor. Think of them as a modern interpretation of a lockbox used for the smaller possessions mom would want to keep safe from prying eyes. Whether mom is traveling, running errands, or at home, the TROVA GO is an elegant, and yes, luxurious way for her to hide her valuables and keep them secure.

Good Stuff Beverage Co.

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Give mom the opportunity to chill like she’s never chilled before with Good Stuff Beverage Co.’s Indica Calm. Inside the 12.7-ounce bottle are real strawberry, hibiscus, and lemon juices with other all-natural ingredients that have been turpine infused with 100mg of THC to create a smooth Indica Calm experience.

Tasting of bold, sweet tropical blossom honey and raw whole cane sugar (there’s no corn syrup to be found here), Good Stuff Beverage Co.’s Indica Calm is infused with a cannabis microemulsion for faster absorption.

Good Stuff Beverage Co. products are available in California. To see if there is a dispensary near you, click here.


Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Use code MOM2022 to get $15 off when you spend $80 or more on Belkin and Wemo items! This is a great time to get mom a new fast charger, cables, or a dock for her everyday carry items!


Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

If mom’s never traveled to places where bidets are common, she probably isn’t quite sure what to think about them. She needs to learn that there is nothing more decadent than having her tush washed, cleaned, and air-dried while sitting on a heated throne. Now, you can help mom find out what she’s been missing without breaking the bank.

Rather than spend thousands to remove her old toilet and replace it with an expensive full bidet, you can add the $429.99 SmartBidet SB-3000 Electric Bidet Toilet Seat to her existing toilet’s base.

The easy-to-install SB-3000 attaches to the toilet and replaces its existing seat and cover. It uses the toilet’s water supply to thoroughly cleanse in either “posterior,” “feminine,” or “spiral stream wash” mode. Operated with a wireless screen remote control, the bidet toilet seat features on-demand and unlimited heated water, an LED nightlight, a seat heater, a warm air dryer with adjustable temperature settings, and an automatic deodorizer.

Mom can even customize the water temperature and pressure to her liking.

Withings BPM

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

If mom’s been told that she needs to keep an eye on her blood pressure, you can show support by giving her a clinically-validated Withings BPM.

Purposefully designed to be the most user-friendly Withings device to date, mom will be able to take blood pressure readings anytime. She’ll also be able to keep track of and monitor her cardiovascular health through the excellent Withings Health Mate app.

The $99.95 Withings BPM has a compact design with a smaller cuff and a rechargeable battery, so it’s easy to travel with. BPM has an LED matrix display on its side that gives color-coded feedback, and the results automatically sync over WiFi or Bluetooth with the Health Mate app, where blood pressure reports can be generated and shared with mom’s physician, should she want to.

Hampton Bay 24-Light Indoor/Outdoor 48 ft. String Lights

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Not much can make a dark patio more cheerful than a set of outdoor string lights, but not just any string lights will do. The best string lights have Edison-style bulbs with a thick, matte black outdoor power cord, just like the lights hanging outside mom’s favorite cafe.

Give her the same set-up at home with the $49.97 Hampton Bay 24-Light Indoor/Outdoor 48 ft. String Lights strung under the eaves of the back porch or in the trees over a cute (and affordable) outdoor dining set. Depending on how much rain your mom’s part of the country has had lately, you might want to also look into that Thermacell LIV system I wrote about earlier!


If the mom in your life is spending any money on herbs, CBD, or THC flowers, you can help her get the most out of her purchases with a $149.99 OG OTTO.

The OG OTTO gently mills herbs, making a perfect cone at the touch of a button. OTTO’s precision-engineered milling blades automatically adjust pressure, speed, and direction based on the texture and consistency of mom’s material. The result is a perfect cone in seconds.

The OG OTTO in black is priced at $149.99; all OTTOs come with pre-rolled cones, and there is a Banana Bros. cone club subscription service if you want to set her up with something regular.


Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

If mom medicates or recreates by smoking CBD or THC flower, the smell can be overwhelming at times if ventilation isn’t cooperating. Air fresheners just cover up unwelcome odors with perfumes and other chemicals. In contrast, Cannabolish products are made with natural plant oils and water to absorb and remove odors without toxic ingredients. Cannabolish products are safe to use around animals and people, in large or small spaces, as often as needed.

Cannabolish products already came in a lovely Wintergreen scent; now, they’ve added lavender.

The $11.99 8-ounce Cannabolish Odor Removing Lavender Spray neutralizes odor molecules in seconds; in other words, it doesn’t just cover them up, and the plastic bottle is recyclable (if mom doesn’t repurpose it for something else that needs a spritzer). The $14.99 7-ounce Cannabolish Odor Removing Lavender Candle is a clean-burning soy-based candle that removes odors using safe, natural ingredients without toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Its glass container can either be recycled or turned into a drinking glass when the candle is done, so it’s kind of like two gifts in one.

The new $15.99 15-ounce Cannabis Odor Removing Lavender Gel removes lingering smoke smells from cannabis and tobacco quickly and safely. The gel’s plant-based formula works as it evaporates to seek out and neutralize smoke odors non-stop without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Mom can leave an open jar in any room to extinguish lingering smoke odors between her scheduled doses.


Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

I’ve tried quite a few of the various make-up and clothing subscription boxes available these days, and of all the subscription boxes that I’ve tried, I’ll bet you can guess which one I’ve never been able to quit. FabFitFun is a great value for you and a fantastic gift for any mom who likes to try new things.

With an annual FabFitFun subscription, mom will get six to eight full-size name-brand products sent to her each quarter in a colorful FFF box. That’s a $275 value for mom that will cost you as low as $49.99 per season for a year of surprises. Included products run the gamut from make-up to skincare to PJs, and cute items mom might be willing to share. It’s always fun to open a FabFitFun box!

Home Depot

Gear Diary's 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Home Depot has something for every mom, wherever her interests may lie. Since I enjoy relaxing outside while being surrounded by plants, and I’m a mom, here are a few items that caught my eye — but just about anything you can imagine for the home or garden is available there!

The $249 Marivaux Black and White 5-Piece Steel Outdoor Patio Dining Set with Tile Top Table and Black Sling Chairs is the perfect spot for mom to enjoy her backyard while sipping a cup of coffee or reading a book. If she needs (or prefers) a little more lumbar support, be sure to include one or more cute pillows!

If mom loves to have lots of plants inside and on the patio, she likely needs more pots! Be sure to check out Home Depot’s selection of indoor/outdoor pots, and take a look at all of the plants they sell while you’re at it! They have everything from fruit trees for the yard to easy-to-grow indoor plants that can thrive in low light.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  23. jenifergreenwell | April 27, 2022 at 6:09 pm |

    The Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 laptop would be a perfect gift!

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    I would love to have a bidet!

  26. Christina Foley | April 27, 2022 at 8:13 pm |

    I love the Food Station

  27. The Lumina would make my conferences on telecommuting days a breeze

  28. I like that the Lumina hides the background distractions during remote meetings

  29. Susan Smith | April 27, 2022 at 9:43 pm |

    The OnePlus Buds Pro earbuds would be great for me to use to listen to audiobooks while I’m cleaning.

  30. Becky Breaker Donnelly | April 27, 2022 at 10:01 pm |

    Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito System is a great gift idea! I always forget to wear mosquito repellent until it’s too late

  31. jaye smith | April 28, 2022 at 1:18 am |

    I love the laptop. It gives you such freedom to be as connected as you want.

  32. Cheryl Schiels | April 28, 2022 at 11:52 am |

    Definitely great Mother’s Day gifts

  33. onyiakpanisi | April 28, 2022 at 2:48 pm |

    My favorite is the Withings ScanWatch so I can keep track of my health and events too.

  34. Janet Dunston | April 28, 2022 at 4:06 pm |

    love the outdoor patio

  35. the laptop would be perfect for me because as a Mom I am always on the go but still need to check my work email and get some work done while watching sporting events

  36. I really like the 15? Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1. I need to start looking for a new laptop, but this one is a little out of my price range. It’s awesome, though.

  37. suzanne esaine | April 28, 2022 at 7:38 pm |

    I have always heard great things healthwise about a bidet. I think maybe this would be something worth a try.

  38. Hi. I am a mom with two young children. A laptop would make such a great a gift for me and my children. -My children can do educational learning, listening to children music and educational games when I’m busy with doing cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.

  39. amazon echo show looks awesome!

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    I like the Lenovo – Yoga Laptop

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  43. Jacqueline Davison-McLean | April 29, 2022 at 8:24 am |

    My favorite item is the Roborock S7+ robot vacuum/mop. I’ve wanted one of these ever since I suffered my spinal cord injury. Seeing how I’m unable to vacuum and sweep, I need something that can get and keep my floors clean. This particular one sounds magnificent! To me after reading about so many robot vacuums. This one sounds like the best.

  44. Donna Evans | April 29, 2022 at 2:46 pm |

    Roborock S7+! No more vacumming would make my life easier

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    15? Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 Laptop, Gourmia FoodStation Smokeless Indoor Grill and Air Fryer, Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito System, Lumina Webcam and WD MyPassport SSD are gift suggestions

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  54. ivel1977 | May 1, 2022 at 2:10 am |

    I love the simple design of the Lenovo Smart Clock

  55. Rita Leonard | May 1, 2022 at 3:30 pm |

    I would love some sting lights for our yard

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    The firebelly tea because I like to drink tea and would like to try it.

  67. StaceMarie | May 4, 2022 at 1:39 am |

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  72. Liz Newsome | May 6, 2022 at 9:36 am |

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  90. honeypie411 | May 10, 2022 at 3:11 am |

    My favorite is the Gourmia smokeless indoor grill.

  91. Marinalane | May 10, 2022 at 4:05 am |

    I like the 15? Lenovo Yoga 9i in slate gray with 16GB RAM/1TB SSD, intel i7-1075 2.6GHz, GTX_1650Tl running Windows 11 Home best. My daughter is about to start college and this would be perfect for her!

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