Infinix Teases Super-Fast 180W Thunder Charger: Yet-To-Be-Announced Flagships Will Never Run Out of Juice!

Infinix makes impressive phones that offer significant bang for your buck, but they’re not settling for that. They’re rolling out a new 180W Thunder Charger with select Infinix flagship phones later this year. These phones’ charging times won’t just be a few minutes faster; they’ll be shockingly faster —as in getting a 50% charge on a 4500mAh battery in just four minutes!

Infinix Announces Super Fast 180W Thunder Charger

Hearing that, some of you might simply be impressed. Others with a good grasp of battery and charging technology might be thinking that charging a phone battery that fast carries a lot of risks.

But Infinix addresses that in their breakdown of the tech behind their 180W Thunder Charger:

  • There’s an automatic bi-directional power supply, which for the end consumer means a more compact setup that helps lengthen the phone’s battery life and keeps everything from getting too heated.
  • Infinix packs 20 temperature settings into the charger, so you won’t need to worry about anything getting too toasty. Again, this is great for both safety and battery longevity.
  • The charger will handle more than just Infinix phones, as it will provide up to 100w of charging power for any compatible devices. And if you’ve ever needed to charge something only to find your plug wasn’t up to the challenge, you know the pain of a too-weak charger.
  • The charger is also certified by TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System certification, which means it’s been deemed reliable for daily charging.

We’ll know which yet-to-be-announced Infinix flagship phones will work with the new 180W Thunder Charger in the second half of this year.

via Infinix

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