SoftStartUp Provides RV Power Management and Surge Protection from A/C Power Spikes

Power management is a problem that plagues RV users, especially regarding the air conditioner and possible power surges. The A/C spike at start-up is often too much for most small generators, and shore power often cannot handle it. SoftStartUp has been developed to prevent this problem while adding a level of protection against power surges. It is plug-and-play and easy to use.

SoftStartUp Provides RV Power Management and Surge Protection from A/C Power Spikes

I have this problem with my camper while using my generator; if there are a lot of items running in the camper, the A/C will often short out my plugs when turning on.

Once the A/C is running, I can turn on and use almost any appliance without issue. The problem is the initial start. When plugged into shore power at my house, I can run the A/C unless my pool pump is plugged in, and then the entire breaker trips.

The SoftStartUp

The SoftStartUp takes the edge off the A/C system by removing the need for a high-wattage power source for a split second. Users can run one A/C unit on a small 2500-watt generator, which is easier to carry and a lot quieter. Two RV A/Cs can be run from a 30-amp connection, which is important since many campgrounds have limited numbers of 50-amp hookups.

SoftStartUSA already has a similar product called the SoftStartRV, which is installed directly to the A/C unit on the roof of a camper. This new product offers multiple benefits that we will explore in a soon-to-be-posted review.

I am excited to find out everything SoftStartUp can do! I recently had a great Zoom meeting with Doug Curtis, founding partner of SoftStartUSA. He has many years of experience in the RV air conditioning industry and knows what problems can plague owners. His passion for this product and the benefits it can bring is second to none.

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