LG Rolls Out New 45″ UltraGear OLED Curved Monitor and UltraFine AI Powered Monitor for Gaming and Productivity Fun!

It used to be the height of high-tech setups to have more than one monitor. But monitor technology is always improving, and LG is leaping forward with their UltraGear OLED Curved Monitor and UltraFine Ergo AI displays!

LG UltraGear Curved Monitor IFA

LG is jumping into the curved monitor game with a very impressive entry. The 45″ UltraGear OLED Curved Monitor (model number 45GR95QE) offers a curvature of 800R, a 21:9 aspect ratio, and a WQHD resolution for the most immersive experience they’ve ever offered.

An 800R curvature refers to the visual curve of the monitor, and for reference, the average curvature of the human eye is 1000R. The idea is that in combination, you’ll feel like you’re truly part of the action playing Microsoft Hearts.

The new UltraGear OLED Curved Monitor will also have a 240Hz refresh rate and picture-by-picture/picture-in-picture technology, so you’ll be productive while gaming or working.

If you’re a traditional monitor user, you might enjoy the new UltraFine Ergo AI display — it uses a camera and AI to continually reposition the monitor height and tilt to your head position.

The idea here is that it will keep your posture from being too slouchy or adjusting, so you’re not sitting in the same position all day long. The UltraFine Ergo AI display is rocking a 35″ 4K screen, so it will look good even as it gently corrects your desire to slouch while staring down excel sheets.

No word from LG on pricing or availability, but both of these new monitors sound like exciting changes that should make gaming and productivity smooth and enjoyable!

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  1. Something seems strange about the idea of a 35″ monitor changing its height and tilt to track you.

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  3. I’m guessing the gaming experience is truly immersive with the 800R curvature

  4. The UltraFine Ergo AI display is really something. I like the idea of the monitor repositioning itself to always face you. However, while typing this I feel like Big Brother will be watching my every move. I would hope that the camera is only used for obtaining position reference and not for broadcasting.

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  7. I’m pretty happy with my OLED TV wasn’t aware about this technology in monitors

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