The EcoFlow River 2 Series Introduces Three Budget-Friendly EcoFlow Energy Solutions


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We have reviewed many EcoFlow products here on Gear Diary and have had excellent results with all of them. EcoFlow products are high-level power solutions that, while all great devices, can be priced out of many budgets. Enter the EcoFlow River 2 Series, a trio of cost-effective, reliable power offerings that feature advanced LFP batteries.

The new Ecoflow River 2 Series comprises three models, the River 2, River 2 Max, and River 2 Pro. These LFP batteries weigh as little as 7.7 pounds and have a starting price of only $239 after discounts.

The River 2 Series features EcoFlow’s X-STREAM technology, meaning these devices will charge five times faster than comparable products. The standard River 2 model will charge from 0-80% in just 48 minutes and is also chargeable using solar.

Stock photo showing the three models in the new EcoFlow River 2 Series

All three of the EcoFlow River 2 Series models sport LifePO4 batteries, making them lighter, more reliable, and longer-lasting. An expected 3,000 cycles give users up to 1o years worth of charging capability, and the products come with a 5-year warranty.

The River 2 offers 256Wh | 300W Output, and it is currently available for $299 from Amazon with a $60 coupon, bringing the price to $239.

The River 2 Max offers 512Wh | 500W Output, and it is currently available for $599 from Amazon with a $130 coupon, bringing the price to $469.

The River 2 Pro offers 768Wh | 800W Output, and it will be available later this year.

With prices starting at $239 after discounts, the EcoFlow River 2 Series is an affordable way to get the same quality and design all EcoFlow products offer.

You can learn more about the EcoFlow River 2 Series here.

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