MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Shows They’re Ready For the Future

I recently explained to my son that once upon a time, phones didn’t fit in our pockets; instead, they were mounted on the wall. He was incredulous and seemed to think I had grown up in the stone age. I don’t blame him since he’s growing up in a world where every phone he encounters has a fair amount of power. We’re at the point where every phone can handle the things only a flagship handled in the past, and we have MediaTek to thank for bringing so many high-end processing features to many phones. But they’re still not resting; they’re innovating further with their Dimensity 9200 chipset!

A shelf holds several chips, including the MediaTek Dimensity 9200

MediaTek makes sure Dimensity 9200 can support all the cutting-edge features you’ve come to know and expect from any smartphone. It supports WiFi 7 with up to 6.5 Gbps data, 5G connectivity, and support for powerful camera features like AI motion technology.

Any phone supported by the Dimensity 9200 will also stay nice and cool with MediaTek’s impressive thermal regulation. Basically, whether you’re streaming YouTube, playing Fortnite, or just rocking some old-school Angry Birds, a phone that’s running the Dimensity 9200 will more than keep up!

It’s hard to get excited in a vacuum about updated chipsets. They’re exciting, sure, but it feels like the natural progression of technology. Things get faster and smarter.

But one line in the MediaTek press release offered a glimmer of the future and a reminder of why chipsets like the Dimensity 9200 matter. Specifically, MediaTek said, “With support for extreme performance gaming displays, eye-catching resolution and extended foldable designs, the chipset’s MediaTek MiraVision 890 display technology brings content to life.” [Emphasis ours].

Right now, the major folding phones are expensive, and a bit niche, but the idea of a folding phone is pretty freaking exciting.

And while MediaTek makes phenomenal chipsets, they make them for everyday phones that everyone can afford. This means that when they look to the future, the folks at MediaTek see Dimensity 9200 and future chipsets powering many more form factors and, yes, even folding ones!

We get very caught up in the outward signs of phones innovating, like size, cameras, and screens. But we need the insides to be smart enough to drive the outsides, and that’s where MediaTek and their Dimensity line quietly shine!

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