Lenovo Legion Makes Gaming More Portable with the Legion Go, Legion Glasses, and Legion 9i

It’s shifting from summer into fall, and then it will be winter. And we all know what that means — hiding indoors gaming because it’s too cold to venture outside. Not to worry, as Lenovo has the exciting new Legion Go, Legion Glasses, and a new Lenovo Legion 9i to keep you toasty and occupied all winter long.

Lenovo Legion Go and carry case

Lenovo Legion Go

Lenovo Legion Go in the author's hand

The Legion Go is a bit like what would happen if a Legion PC and a Nintendo Switch had a love child; you’d get a portable gaming device powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor with an AMD RNDA graphics processor that runs Windows 11.

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Throw in an 8.8″ QHD touchscreen display and removable controllers, and you’ve got a rig that can handle every game everywhere you go.

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Speed won’t be an issue either. It’s packed with up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB SSD storage, and expandable micro-SD storage up to 2TB. It’ll also keep chugging for a while, with a 49.2W battery that supports Super Rapid Charge for 70% charge in 30 minutes. There’s also Coldfront technology, so you don’t toast your lap while playing!

The removable controllers cover you for every gaming type. There are hall effect joysticks that Lenovo says shouldn’t suffer from any drift, as well as an integrated trackpad, a D-pad, an angled mouse wheel, and TEN mappable buttons!

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The controllers can be detached, so you can game using the kickstand, and there’s an FPS mode that sounds really cool. You separate the controllers and use the right detached controller into a special base via magnet to give you more precise control and aim during intense shooting sessions.

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Finally, the whole package features dual USB-C ports as well as Wi-Fi6E and Bluetooth 5.2 support. It’s everything you’d want or need in a computer, shrunk down to portable size — which means it can accept all your game logins that would work on a regular Windows gaming computer, including Epic, Steam, and Xbox; in fact, it even comes with a free three month Xbox trial.

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Expect Legion Go to hit in October 2023, starting at $699; meanwhile, here’s Joey from Lenovo with an overview of this exciting new gaming device.

Lenovo Legion Glasses

Lenovo Legion Glasses on a model's face

Lenovo didn’t just settle for designing an impressive portable gaming tablet; they’ve got some very cool accessories to go with it!

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Legion Glasses are a “wearable monitor” that lets you pop them on to experience an immersive, connected experience. Each eye has a virtual monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, and the glasses offer high-fidelity audio from built-in speakers.

Side view of the Lenovo Legion Glasses

They connect via USB-C and are compatible with the Lenovo Go and other Windows, Mac, and Android devices. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, there’s even an included insert for your Rx.

Lenovo Legion Glasses in their carry case with included accessories

Look for them this October starting at $329.

Lenovo Legion 9i

Lenovo Legion 9i
If you’re impressed with the Legion Go but prefer the full gaming laptop experience, there’s the Lenovo Legion 9i. It’s the first 16in Legion with a self-contained liquid-cooling system, so you can game happily without worrying about your computer doubling as a space heater.

There’s also a 13th Gen Intel CoreTM i9-13980HX processor, up to NVIDIA GeForce RTXTM 4090 Laptop GPU, and either 64GB Overclocked 5600Mhz Dual Channel DDR5 RAM or a blazingly fast 32GB Overclocked 6400Mhz DDR5 Dual Channel RAM.

In other words, this can handle anything you throw at and still be ready for more.

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The liquid-cooling system is more than a marketing term. It works with AI-tuned triple-fan air-cooling with 6,333 intake vents to keep things chilly, with the system kicking in when the GPU hits 84°C to bring the temp down again. In addition, this system allows the laptop to come in at a svelte (for a gaming PC) 5.64 pounds.

Side view of the Lenovo Legion 9i

The gaming experience on-screen more than rises to the occasion as well. It’s sporting a PureSight 3.2k Mini-LED 16:10 Display with a 165Hz variable refresh rate and a 94% screen-to-body ratio. And you’ll be able to store your games to your heart’s content with up to 2TB of SSD storage.

There are 6000 perforated cooling hole above the Lenovo Legion 9i's keyboard

Lenovo also tucked their Lenovo LA-2 AI chip inside, allowing for a Smart FPS feature that controls the CPU and GPU to keep your game running smoothly. A per-key RBG TrueStrike keyboard and Tobii Horizon Software allow for gearless head tracking and further immersion in your games.

Looks-wise, Lenovo really knocked it out of the park with a forged carbon A-Cover, giving the computer a unique and gorgeous finish to highlight what a powerhouse it is!

Start saving your pennies now, as the beastly and beautiful Lenovo Legion 9i drops this October, starting at $4,399.

Lenovo Legion E510 7.1 RGB Gaming In-Ear Headphones

And finally, having your own little world means sealing the rest of the world off with headphones. Lenovo Legion E510 7.1 RGB Gaming In-Ear Headphones to the rescue, with driverless 7.1 surround sound and an RGB strip on the controller so everyone knows you’re using gaming headphones.

They connect via USB-C and are compatible with Legion Go and many other USB-enabled devices. You’ll be the most stylish gamer in the house starting at $49.99 this October.

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