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Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Review

If you have a SmartTV or a computer connected to your media center the Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard is for you. This keyboard/trackpad combination brings the two input methods together in a compact and easy-to-use package. Considering you get both a backlit illuminated keyboard AND a trackpad the $99.99 isn’t bad. Designed for Windows, it also works with Macs.

Mystery of the Opera Plays Its Opening Theme on the Mac!

My review of the iPad version of Mystery of the Opera noted that it employs the common ‘woman in peril and romantic interest left to solve mystery’ trope; rather than bogging the game down, it makes for an excellent launching off point! Now the game is available for the Mac, and it remains a fun and compelling experience.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review on PlayStation 4

Snake is back in a single-player storyline set in 1975 that follows directly after Peace Walker (1974) , followed in early 2015 by Phantom Pain. Published by Konami and developed by Konami Productions, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, presents stealth, cinematics, and compelling plots in a prologue package leading to the second piece of this fifth installment Phantom Pain. Set in 1975 (right before Peace Walker), Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (GZ) places Snake (a.k.a. Big Boss), voiced by Kiefer Sutherland, in a Cuban camp called Omega for a rescue mission. Yes, one base mission, but this single offering does not diminish the…

What’s Your Daily Driver Smartphone (and Why)?

When we talk about a daily driver device, we’re referring to a smartphone that’s with us no matter where we go — our primary way of communicating with the world, our most favored device which, for now, just might come as close to the perfect device as possible.

You Need to Check Out the Freebie App Smash Hit on iOS/Android

My new favorite iOS game is an auto-runner where you throw pinballs at glass obstacles to see how long you can last before you run out of balls.  In the iOS/Android freebie, Smash Hit, you float through a gorgeously futuristic and ever-changing landscape trying to survive the ever-present threat of obstacles getting in your way while enjoying beautifully synchronized music.

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 Integrated Wireless Speaker Review

Life is all about connection: connection to others, to oneself, and to the larger world. The same holds true for home audio. The more ways you can connect to one’s music the better. The Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 offers big, awesome audio and more ways to get to your music than pretty much any other audio system.

Help Me Find the Best Universal Remote, Please

Okay, I’ve had it! We have too many remotes! Apple TV, Direct TV, TV, DVD, Roku, a Vizio sound bar, and I may even be forgetting one! Has anyone tried one of those smart remotes with a screen? I’m considering a Logitech Harmony remote, but I’m wondering if there is something even better out there?

Seagate and LaCie Announce New Products at CES2014

  We started CES 2014 by meeting with Seagate and LaCie and looking at some of their new and upcoming products. Among them are a new wireless drive, a 4TB portable drive (a first), and a gorgeous silver hard drive that looks more like a work of art than a drive. Here are a few pictures of the products.

Harman Kardon Nova Stereo Streaming Sound System Offers Great-looking Sound

Harman Kardon’s new $299.95 Nova system combines analog and optical inputs along with Bluetooth so it easily works with systems such as Roku, HDTV, Apple TV and pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled device. Compact and unique-looking, the Nova’s 2.5” drivers, 1.25” tweeters and passive radiators pack a punch and make this system more than just a pretty face.

Google Introduces the HP Chromebook 11

While I was unable to successfully ‘go all in’, my family absolutely loves the Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook. It is perfect for writing reports, doing email, Facebooking, and web research; it has been in constant daily use since I got it. Now Google has announced the next version of their budget laptop – the $279 HP Chromebook 11.

Amazon Introduces ‘Mayday Button’ Help System, New Kindle Fire ‘Mojito’ OS 3.0, and Offline Streaming

Along with the new Kindle Fire HD and HDX models, Amazon introduced a few other interesting items. These include a new Kindle Fire OS, Offline Streaming of Amazon Prime videos, and an always-ready video help system called ‘Mayday’. With these value-added features Amazon hopes to distinguish itself and move beyond just being an Apple alternative by taking a leadership role. Amazon OS 3.0 ‘Mojito’ Amazon announced ‘Mojito’, Kindle Fire OS 3.0. The new OS brings native Android App compatibility, HTML5 app support, in-app purchase support and more. One of the biggest features is the new ‘Mayday Button’, which I’ll explore…

Three New Kindle Fire Models Launched, Highlight Differences Between Amazon and Apple

Overnight, we got word from Amazon that they were releasing a new line-up of Kindle Fire models. The current 7″ HD becomes the low-end, and they fill out the high-end with new quad-core based 7″ and 8.9″ HDX models. This is huge news in terms of features and pricing, but also a clear distinction between Amazon and Apple. The two Kindle Fire HDX models are packed with loads of updates including new productivity apps for email and calendar, new X-Ray for Music, and ‘Second Screen’ which let’s you send contents to a smart TV or Playstation 3/4. You will also…

Nissan Becomes First Automotive Partner for Apple’s iTunes Radio

Nissan North America has just announced that it has signed an exclusive partnership deal with Apple and its new iTunes Radio. From now until the end of 2013, Nissan will be the first automaker offering iTunes Radio in its vehicles in the upcoming 2014 Nissan Rogue, the new 2014 Versa Note and the LEAF electric vehicle. Citing the Nissan brand as also being known for its innovation, Nissan North America Vice President of Marketing Jon Brancheau said in a press release the company is proud to support iTunes Radio from the very beginning and they see it as a huge…

The Peace App Brings Serenity to Your iOS Device

In my kids’ doctor’s office, they have one section of the waiting room that has relaxing music, peaceful images on a flat panel TV, filtered air, and a small waterfall. Depending on my day to that point, I find the area either relaxing or snoozy. That is one element of ‘The Peace App’, and it’s for a good cause. Type of app: Simulation game Platform/where to buy: iPad; available in the iTunes App Store Developer: Minerva Endeavors, inc Description: The Island: Castaway 2 has loads of content, including: – A huge, colorful island to explore – Over 300 intriguing quests…

Think Tank Photo Releases MY 2ND BRAIN Laptop Bag and Accessory Line

Think Tank Photo had taken its expertise in creating fantastic camera bags and applied it to a new line of bags and accessories for people using Apple Devices. MY 2ND BRAIN is a series of bags for tablets and laptops. Powerhouse is a line of accessory pouches. The MY 2ND BRAIN bags start at $74.75 for the tablet version and goes up to $99.75 for the MacBook Pro bag. Each bag comes in Black, Harbor Blue, and Mist Green and features: Easily accessible iPhone mobile digital device pocket with plush lining and earbud pouch Front pocket with plush pouch for…

PJ Rasmussen ‘Adventures in Flight’ CD Review

PJ Rasmussen makes it clear from the very first notes that he is an up-and-coming force on the electric guitar. His Kickstarter-funded album ‘Adventures in Flight’ sought to create music for TV and Film in the jazz genre, also accessible by general audiences. But while the music is solid and Rasmussen shines, the overall impact is uninspired. Musical Genre: Jazz Where to buy: iTunes Artist: PJ Rasmussen Description: A debut album is a daunting experience for any artist regardless of age. But guitarist/composer PJ Rasmussen’s first CD – Adventures in Flight on Third Freedom Music – shows a young man…

Swingadelic – Toussaintville CD Review

The music Alan Toussaint is instantly recognizable and enjoyed across genres and decades. Swingadelic is ostensibly a swinging big band, but brings enough pop, funk, and New Orleans second-line sound to their mix to make their songs infectious to all music lovers. Together the combination is a big gumbo pot of fun sure to bring a party! Musical Genre: Jazz / Pop Where to buy: iTunes Artist: Swingadelic Description: Allen Toussaint’s music, which has been performed by everyone from Irma Thomas to Little Feat, is all about feeling. When done right, Toussaint’s songs take on a funky depth that’s rare…

Thoughts on the ChromeCast

A few days ago Google let the ChromeCast out of the bag.  For those who don’t know, the ChromeCast allows you to send Netflix, YouTube and other content to your TV from your laptop, phone or tablet. More applications are sure to come, but people are already snapping up this tiny dongle so fast that Google has had to discontinue including 3 months of Netflix.  At $35 dollars it is a steal of a deal for what people can do with it. Some are saying that it’s a big game changing device.  I am not totally convinced that it is….

Wilson Electronics’ 21st Century Tech Survival Kit

Wilson Electronics recently featured their electronic/technology products in a specially packaged “21st Century Survival Kit”. Gear Diary has tried Wilson Electronic products before, especially in emergency situations, and I recently tried out the six items in this well-chosen package – a great guide as you shape your own emergency tech kit. This 21st Century Survival Kit considers communication and sustenance ranging from minor snafus to major disasters to help yourself and others while communicating vital information to first responders. “We began thinking about what has changed in technology and society, and how that would affect what we would want to…

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Strikes All the Right Keys

I have been using Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard pretty consistently ever since I made the move to Mac. I have used one with my various iMacs, and I also use one at home with my laptop, since I elevate the computer on one of a number of stands and use a separate keyboard and mouse. This arrangement is not only better ergonomically and puts less strain on my neck, but it also keeps the computer off the desk or countertop surface just in case something spills (I started doing this after I dumped an entire glass of Crystal Light into my…