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September 23, 2009 • Gaming, Reviews

Nano Rally for iPhone Update – a Whole New Game

I recently reviewed Nano Rally for the Blue Plate Special.  The game showed promise with great graphics and a cute idea.  There were a few things that I thought could be improved upon.  The controls and camera view were not very intuitive and took a lot of practice to master.  This turned me off to the game because my frustration level advanced faster than my driving skills.  I also wanted other cars on the track to  chase and race.  Well, the developers at Sauce Digital seemed to have listened to their users and recently updated the game.

Here is a list of some of the updates.

The new version brings in some much requested features :* Hard, Medium and Easy settings.

* Racing lines, to make navigation easier.

* Mulitple Camera modes: Rotate, Fixed Center, Pan

* AI cars on track.

* Improved controls & layout.

* Landscape mode.

These updates have made this game the addictive app I knew it could be!  Being able to change the difficulty is huge and allows for some success as your skills are honed.  Frustration does not out do learning curve this time.

The settings that brought the most enjoyment for me was landscape mode and fixed view.  Make sure and try all of the new camera views and find the one that best suits you.  The addition of ghosts cars along with the driving line drastically improved my times.

Nano Rally was a good game when it originally released, but the recent updates has made this a great game.  The updates also indicate that the developers are dedicated to the product and providing the best game possible.  Check it out here in the App Store for the still low price of $.99.

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  1. Awesome! It is often hard to keep track of what these updates *really* mean, and often I just let them apply without even really looking. Glad they really did it right!

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