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September 22, 2009 • Reviews

NetNewsWire With Google Reader Sync Now Available


As promised the new version of NetNewsWire for iPhone and iPod Touch is now out and available for download.

Will it be my new RSS reader of choice? Read on in this first look…


Yes, it uses Google Reader as the underlying engine for RSS feeds. Setup is quick and the application seems quite smooth. The new version offers a brand new icon, syncs quickly and has a new, softer look.


It offers the ability to email articles, post to Twitter, send to Instapaper or open the full browser. All are nice functions and work well. Adding ReadItLater would be nice but clearly Instapaper is the dominant application for stripping images and reading text more easily on the go. Personally I use Instapaper in place of ‘starring” items these days.


The ability to expand and collapse folders is executed nicely and makes it easy to adjust the view and feel of the feeds.


Unfortunately, the “next” and “last” buttons remain at the upper right of the screen. But, and this is a huge but, a “Next Unread” button now appears at the bottom. Ergonomically this is a great change.

In all it is a good effort and, considering NetNewsWire is free, there is little one can complain about.

You can get it HERE for Free

A premium version that strips away the ads is available HERE for $1.99.

Personally, I may be sticking with either Newsstand ($4.99) or iNews ($2.99). Time will tell but choice… choice is good!

2 Responses to " NetNewsWire With Google Reader Sync Now Available "

  1. Tomas Drabek says:

    K dispozici je nová verze RSS ?te?ky NetNewsWire 2.0 pro iPhone, která podporuje synchronizaci s Google Reader

  2. Jessica Fritsche says:

    This looks like a great free choice! I will probably stick with Byline, but it’s nice to see other syncing RSS readers out there for the iPhone. In my mind that is the ONLY way to read your favorite sites on the go.

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