Sling for Android is Almost Here!

I’m in the process of deciding how to rework my home tv setup. At this point it’s a matter of when, not if, my TiVo will die…and as I’ve said before, I don’t really see the value of upgrading to another TiVo. Since I’ll be reworking my whole setup anyway, the thought crossed my mind that a Slingbox might be fun to have. Now that I’ve seen Engadget’s preview of Sling for Android, I DEFINITELY want a Slingplayer! It looks really slick, even if it did have some beta bugs, and I am sure it will look great on the Droid’s screen.

Of course, if/when that Google tablet ever comes out this would be even sweeter! Are you excited for Sling on Android? Is there a better solution out there? Share your thoughts below!

Via Engadget

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  1. I currently own a SlingBox Pro. Used it remotely with my laptop and my previous Blackberry Pearl. When I switched to android I could no longer use it with my phone because there was no android app. With Android having a bigger screen, I be this is going to look fantastic!



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