The Jetart NC3300 Cool Stand Review

Right before I started this site, I bought a Toshiba Satellite A-105 laptop on a whim. It was one of those times where I was standing in a store, and the right item with the right specs and the right price was staring at me from its shelf; I couldn’t exactly leave without it.

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but in the last month this laptop has replaced my desktop computer – I now do just about everything on it. As with any notebook computer this Toshiba manages to put out a bit of heat, and using it while it’s sitting flat on a tabletop hasn’t exactly been ideal for my posture; so my pressing priorities have been to keep the laptop running cool and to make it a bit more ergonomic during daily use.

When Cara, the international Jetart representative, asked if I would be interested in reviewing their NC3300 Cool Stand, I took one look at it and said “yes.” It’s not that I don’t have several other laptop stands to choose from; it’s just that sometimes simplicity is best, and that’s what I hoped would be the case with this product.

The NC3300 is a laptop stand composed entirely of ABS plastic. It measures approximately 13″ wide x 11.5″ long x 1″ deep when collapsed, and it weighs 18 ounces. The stand is sized so that it can slip into a larger laptop bag for those that need its services while traveling.

The NC3300 is sized to fit 14″ to 17″ notebook computers, there is also a version available for those that are 12″ to 14″. An adjustable riser on the rear portion will raise the laptop’s rear from 1.25″ through graduating increments up to 2.50″. The added rear elevation tilts the keyboard forward and raises the screen to a more comfortable eye level.

An inch high lip on the front of the stand keeps the computer from scooting; there are two small rubber pads on the lip that cushion the front edge of the laptop resting against the lip.

As an added convenience, there is a plastic disk on the bottom of the stand which allows it to rotate 360 degrees while holding the laptop.

I’ve been using the NC3300 for the past couple of weeks, and for the most part I have been very happy with its performance. There is no doubt that the air circulating under my laptop is keeping things cooler, and the better angle at which I can now sit and type has definitely been beneficial for my wrists and neck.

My only complaint is that since I don’t always rest my wrists solidly on the base of the laptop when keying, I sometimes notice a small amount of side to side wobbling in the stand. This is most likely due to play caused by the space between the lazy Susan on the bottom and the stand. However, the convenience of being able to quickly turn the entire setup towards Sarah, who sits to my left, has made up for any annoyance caused by the wobble.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for the NC3300, beyond the cooling and posture benefits, is its price – under $10 not counting shipping. I’ve reviewed laptop stands that cost much more than this, but that ultimately didn’t do much more. This is a very inexpensive solution for a common problem, and the fact that it is collapsible and portable makes the Cool Stand that much easier for me to recommend.

If you have been looking for an inexpensive laptop stand that raises the keyboard and screen – but which still allows use of the laptop keyboard, then the Jetart NC3300 Cool Stand may be exactly what you need.

The Jetart NC3300 Cool Stand? is available directly from the manufacturer. There is also an NC3000 Cool Stand available for 12″ to 14″ notebook computers.
MSRP: $9.90
What I Like: Inexpensive, easy to operate, collapsible, packable, rotateable
What Needs Improvement: wobbles a little bit from side to side if at least one wrist is not resting on the laptop while typing, will?block access to front SD slots on laptops that have them

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  1. elodie, I could have sworn that Julie reviewed a chill mat over on Gadgeteer, but I couldn’t find the link…so maybe not. Anyway, I haven’t used one, but if your laptop still feels hot (other than right at the exhaust vent opening), then I would say it may not be doing enough.

    As far as something for a Tablet PC, you got me! I have often wondered about how hot they got when folded back on themselves, and it sounds like you just answered my question. Bummer. 😕

  2. Have you ever used a targus chill mat? If so, how would you say this compares in cooling power? I have a targus chill mat, but my computer still gets uncomfortably hot, especially closer to the wind vents (I cannot for the life of me remember the “real” name for that thing) in the top corner.

    Actually, even better: do you know of a notebook cooler that will keep a combination tablet pc (the ones with keyboards that flip around) cool when in tablet mode? Mine always gets too hot in that position–which makes it really hard to use, since my hand has to rest on the screen!

  3. My tablet pc isn’t one of the newer ones–it was pretty much the cheapest one I could find that had wacom’s penabled technology. (it’s a toshiba satellite R15-S829) It’s pretty bulky, so that may explain the heat? I don’t know. As far as I’ve heard the heat problem doesn’t occur on the tablet-only (no keyboard) PCs… If I had already owned a laptop, I would definitely have gotten one of those! But heh, I’m happy with it nonetheless–being able to put a DVD in, fold it into tablet mode, and watch my movie like a book in bed = fun!

  4. Sounds cool!!!!!!!
    It should be worhthy to try it since it is inexpensive +my labtop is always buring like hell …
    should be awesome as descrived!(corssing fingers)

  5. It seems like useful and price friendly… is it available at somewhere in Canada?

  6. chuchu, all you have to do is contact Jetart from the product’s page on their site. They will let you know whether it is available locally, or arrange shipping to you. Please let them know that you saw it here. Thanks! 🙂

  7. Thanks Judie for your direction. I will contact their website for more information. Plus I will mention where I saw the reveiw from to them. Once again. thanks!

  8. Cool!
    It seems to me that is good notebook accessory to me.
    Sometime I will use my notebook outside. When I want to share my information to my friend, I have to move my notebook and turn its screen direction.
    This is inconvenient. Maybe this one will be helpful to me.
    Where I can buy that?

  9. autotrade, you just have to click the “add to inquiry cart” button on the product page, and then Jetart will reply with purchasing details and other particulars. 🙂

  10. Autotrade, yes it is indeed a good genius design. Coz i just ordered one from Jetart’s site…i guess mine s on the way right now!!!!!!very much looking forward for it….hehehe
    go quick contact Jetart..they r pretty pro and courteous…………..and u can do the same shippment order just like me….by the way..where r u from? maybe they have some distributors carrying their products in ur region(maybe)..if not then u have do the shippment by air….

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