The Datexx SuperBattery Rechargeable USB Power Bank Review

Datexx seems to have a power generator for just about every situation?in which?a user might find his or herself. Today I am going to take a look at their SuperBattery, which is billed as a rechargeable USB power bank that can be used to extend a device’s battery power or give a one-hour fast charge when a device’s battery gets low. It also includes a built-in LED flashlight, and it can be powered either by connecting to a wall charger or by using the built-in hand crank.

Included in the package are the SuperBattery, four device tips, a wall charger, a USB cable which accepts the various Datexx tips, and a user manual. Included in the package are a tip that will fit most Nokia phones, a tip that will fit most Motorola (non mini-USB powered) phones, a tip for Samsung models A400, A500, N400 and Kyocera model 2255 mobile phones, and a tip for LG models VX4500 and VX6000.

The SuperBattery measures approximately 4″ tall x 2.75″ wide x 1.5″ deep at its fattest point, and it weighs 5.9 ounces. The exterior of the device is composed of milky white plastic, and it has accents of gray rubber. Overall the SuperBattery feels like a solid device; it does not creak when squeezed and it does not feel or look “cheap”.

AC Adapter – AC 120V 60Hz 9W
Power Output – (USB / 5mm jack) – DC 5V
Built-in Battery – 2/3AA niMH 5V 600mAh x 1
Charging Time – 12 hours
Charging Life Cycle – about 500 times
LED – 1 “super bright white” LED

One the right side, there is a hand crank which according to the user manual will, when turned for two minutes, provide 50 minutes of flashlight, five minutes of mobile phone talk time, or two minutes of iPod playing time. When fully charged on AC power, a one-hour fast charge can provide up to five hours music play on an iPod or up to one hour of video play on an iPod Video. However, an iPod tip is not included in the package and will have to be purchased separately.

The crank action is smooth, and as it is being done an LED on the top of the SuperBattery will glow showing that a charge is being generated.

The top of the SuperBattery has a single LED flashlight head, a USB-out port, and an indicator LED. While charging, whether by wall socket or hand cranking, the LED will glow red as the battery charges and then green once it is fully charged. After charging, the SuperBattery should be unplugged from the device so that the charge will not trickle in the opposite direction.

A switch on the left side turns the LED torch on and off…

…and there is a rubber gasket covered DC port.

The flashlight is a handy touch; it is not extremely bright but it will certainly guide the user along a dark path safely.

The USB-out port is a handy feature for several reasons. It can be used to directly charge many flash-based music players that rely upon a direct USB connection for power, but it can also work in conjunction with a USB cable as a direct wall charger.

The 600mAh battery is okay for providing an extension to operating time for less demanding devices like mobile phones and iPods, but?the jury is out on how effective it will be extending the battery life of?a more demanding PDA or PDA Phone, which typically?uses batteries of 700mAh and up.

I see this as a?handy item to keep around for emergencies.?The SuperBattery?can be considered an excellent hand-cranked flashlight with extra benefits, or it can be seen as a fair battery life extender for mobile phones, as there are additional tips available to fit many models.

The Datexx Super Battery? is available directly from the manufacturer. Additional tips may be purchased here.
MSRP: $45.00
What I Like: Provides a power reserve with built-in flashlight, will power less demanding electronics for several hours
What Needs Improvement: Not a large enough battery to provide power for the more demanding 5V devices, does not include iPod tips, yet iPods make up a large amount of the user manual’s instructions, expensive for the size mAh battery included

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  1. Okay Judie, now the $50 question. You have reviewed three different Datexx charger systems. Of the three, which do you see as being the most practical?

    I realize that to a certain extent, they would fit into different niches/scenarios; the ULTRAbattery Powerbank I could see as a great traveling companion for charging multiple USB-based devices, but then I wonder if the Gomadic cables wouldn’t be a better (and cheaper) choice. The Sentina Outback Powerbank looks like it would be a good choice for those persons who frequently go weekend camping, and take their phones/devices along.

    So where does this device fit in? I’m not sure that I see enough value in carrying a device like this traveling, and it does not offer any significant value over other hand-charge flashlights, etc for home or camping use. So where would this unit fit in? I could perhaps see throwing this in the car glovebox for car trip emergencies; as you say, it would provide a good backup flashlight with extra benefits.

    I noticed that in both reviews, the hand crank, while really neat looking and perhaps reassuring, probably wouldn’t be practical for recharging a device under most circumstances, other than maybe when you absolutely had to make an “emergency” phone call. Cranking this unit to get a 1 to 1 playback on an iPod just isn’t practical (2 mins cranking for 2 mins playback – do you really need to hear that song that badly?).

    In a way, devices like these point out just how dependent we have become on battery-based devices, and how badly we need a paradigm shift in battery technology.

  2. As to which is the most practical…I think for my use I need a backup battery with at least 5000mAh. So that pretty much cuts all of these out. Someone that only carries a mobile phone or an iPod would probably get more value from any of these products than I would.

    Of the three my favorite is the Outback light, which has made it out of my “past reviews” bin and is actually being used. The SuperBattery & the Ultra Battery will most likely be used as give-aways here on the site. 🙂

    I really love the Gomadic cables (just ordered and received Treo tips), so I won’t argue with you on that point.

    “In a way, devices like these point out just how dependent we have become on battery-based devices, and how badly we need a paradigm shift in battery technology.”
    Very eloquently put!!

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