E-TEN X650 Unboxing

I arrived home the other day, to a WONDERFUL surprise. E-TEN’s X650 arrived! I wasn’t even expecting it, and its here!  The E-TEN X650 is the upgrade to E-TEN’s X600, value series GPS enabled Pocket PC Phone.  Its running WM6 Professional, and has a VGA screen (the X600 did not). Without much further ado, here are the very cool pics…


The box the X650 comes in is even smaller than the box for the X800.  I was really surprised.


Open the top of the box, and there is the X650. E-TEN was nice enough to send me the X650 in purple (likely to be the most popular color). The purple is a bit on the unusual side.  Its not very bright, or very noticeable, so while the purple is likely to be more popular with the ladies, its not horrible for a guy to carry…though it is a bit of an attention grabber.


The contents of the box, moving counter clockwise from the device: The E-TEN X650, USB sync cable, AC adapter and US plug face, 1530mAh battery, coupons, software CD, Getting Started poster, and screen protector, extra retractable stylus, wrist lanyard, leatherette case and headphones.

geardiary_eten_x650_04 geardiary_eten_x650_05
The front of the X650 (in all its praypullee goodness The back of the device, showing the camera, flashlight, self portrait mirror, and speaker. Note the stylus in the lower left corner.

The pictures here really show off the purple color of the X650. It really doesn’t look this purple. Its more of a dark, blackish-purple.


From left to right: The BlackBerry Curve 8310, E-TEN M700, E-TEN X650, E-TEN X800 and Treo 750.  The X650 is small. Its smaller than the every other device here, except maybe the Curve. Like the X800, its solid and feels good in my hands.

The Full 360


The bottom of all devices – From Bottom to top: The E-TEN M700, E-TEN X800, Treo 750, Blackberry Curve 8310, and E-TEN X650.  The bottom of the X650 has the microphone opening, microSD card slot, mini USB port and the stylus. Note that the mini USB port is inverted (as opposed to the M700 and the X800.


The left side of all devices – From Bottom to top: The E-TEN M700, E-TEN X800, Treo 750, Blackberry Curve 8310, and E-TEN X650.  The left side of the 650 has the volume rocker, record button, soft reset button and the wired headset port.


The top of the devices –  From Bottom to top: The E-TEN M700, E-TEN X800, Treo 750, Blackberry Curve 8310, and E-TEN X650.  The top of the X650 has the lanyard hole and is (I assume) the location of the GPS receiver.


The right side of the devices –  From Bottom to top: The E-TEN M700, E-TEN X800, Treo 750, Blackberry Curve 8310, and E-TEN X650.  The right side of the X650 has the camera button and the power button.

geardiary_eten_x650_17 geardiary_eten_x650_16
The X650’s initial boot screen. It has the same ROM date as the X800 (I think)… The MS boot screen.

Things at the office have picked up a bit for me, and I am off on a business trip next week. I’ll have the X650 with me, as I am currently work through a couple of issues with the X800 with E-TEN. I’ll have more on how it functions in a different city next week as time permits. If anyone has any questions about the X650 or the X800, feel free to give me a shout and I’ll do my best to answer them quickly.  More posts on both devices to come, so stay tuned!

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2 Comments on "E-TEN X650 Unboxing"

  1. Hi,
    How has the Eten X650 been going? I am looking at getting a PDA currently. My shortlist is the following:

    -Eten Glofiish X800
    -Eten Glofiish X650
    -MWg Atom V

    I need WiFi, GPS, Windows, good screen, not too bulky and most importantly it must look OK! I personally think the X650 looks a bit nicer than the X800 (just my opinion!).

    What advice could you offer between these and also between the X800 & X650?? What are the major differences?

    Many thanks

  2. Roy,

    thanks for writing in. The major differences between the X800 and the X650 is 3G. the X800 has 3G and the X650 has EDGE. If you don’t live in a 3G covered area, the 650 might be a better buy for you.

    The X800 is nice, but its got memory issues. After a soft reset, with little to no memory resident **3rd Party** apps running, the amount of available RAM is below 15MB. Even though both the X800 and X650 have 500mHz processors, the lack of available RAM really bogs down the device. Its also prone to some performance related issues. You’re going to be soft resetting it a bit more than the 650 (though, some of this behavior can be seen on the 650, its not as prevalent).

    Both are good devices and look great.

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