Purebuds earbuds one word review: Amazing

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We get a lot of requests to review earbuds, headsets and earphones. Usually I can’t really tell the difference between one set and another. This time there were several things that made me sit up and take notice of the Purebuds earbuds. These promise to use something called “Reverse Sound Technology” to deliver safe and clean sound.

Purebuds ships with three different tips which you fit on the base depending upon the type of sound you want to produce.

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These are the Bass Enhancer Tips.

They are flexible rubber and you place them on the PureBud to listen to your music with extended bass.

Do they produce more bass? Absolutely. It’s not an earth shaking bass sound – but much better than others that I’ve heard:

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Surround sound tips – create a richer sound that appears to come from all around:

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Full sound tips – best for general listening (and what I used most of the time):

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My Observations:

I tested the Purebuds over the course of about 4 weeks. My nightly routine includes a 5 mile walk to the center of my town. During this time I listened to my iPhone and various types of music ranging from loud rock (U2) to Broadway (Wicked).

During this time I intentionally varied the volume level from super high (full) to barely on. The audio quality was excellent at all levels.

The Fit:

My previous experiences with earbuds have been less than stellar. I tested the BOSE in-ear headphones and couldn’t keep them in my ear. I’ve had similar problems with other in ear headphones. Not so with PureBuds.

Happily I found the PureBuds to be both a perfect fit – and comfortable. My nightly testing was about 1.5 hours total – during which the PureBuds were never uncomfortable. I also was glad to see that I never experienced the feeling of the headphones falling out of my ear. Once they were inserted – they stayed! This is a huge issue with other earbuds which seem nearly impossible to keep in your ears.

The neck cord is one of those uneven lengths where one side is shorter than another. I believe this is so you can wrap the cord BEHIND your neck and have one point of entry for your cord. In testing this was comfortable and kept the cord out of my way. This took some getting used to – but once I mastered the cord, it felt natural.

The Sound:

I’m not an audiophile – but I can recognize nice sounding headphones. And these headphones sound great.

My primary testing methodology?

Turn the sound way up on my iPhone. See when the headphone starts to distort, crackle or otherwise sound crappy.

I was not able to make the PureBuds distort. Ever. I rate this as a VERY good thing.

With some other headphones I find that they’re way too quiet.

When using the PureBuds I was able to get them LOUD. Almost to the point of where I wasn’t able to turn my iPhone to full volume without my ears hurting.

The Cost:

Only $49 direct from Purebuds. I rate this as an exceptional value given the sound that they produce and knowing that I’ve paid easily 2x this for headphones that didn’t sound nearly as good.

These are also worth the money due to the fit. They don’t fall out of your ears like the standard iPod buds tend to do – which makes them perfect for anyone who wears them while exercising.

Link: Purebuds

What I Liked:

– Kick ass sound
– Kick ass fit
– Kick ass value
– Doesn’t distort at high volumes
– Loud
– Stay in your ears
– Multiple tips to match the type of music
– Included zip carry case

What Could Be Improved:

– Create a model with a microphone so it can be used as a phone headset

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About the Author

Wayne Schulz
Wayne is a diehard Android user and consultant specializing in Sage 100 ERP Accounting Software. He lives in Glastonbury CT with his two children. When not helping them with their homework or pushing the latest school fundraiser off on his co-workers, he is active hiking and investigating all manner of technology.

3 Comments on "Purebuds earbuds one word review: Amazing"

  1. lynnriley68 | August 21, 2008 at 6:53 pm |


    After such a robust review of these earbuds—I HAD to try them!! I’ve been terribly frustrated with all that I have tried—while exercising. I am training for a triathlon and have been doing ALOT of exercising with my iPod. Typically they get sweaty and fall out—never to go back in well again. Well, I tried these—per your recommendation—and they passed with flying colors. I had to really jam them in at first and readjust a couple of times just before starting my run. Once I got going, they were great. I think once I felt like one was slipping but I really couldnt’ shove it back in very far so it must have just been me. Never had to wipe them off or anything for all 30 minutes.
    I’d highly recommend these earbuds—THANKS WAYNE!!!

  2. One thing I forgot to mention to Lynn (who happens to be my sister) — you probably want to take the surround sound (flat) ear adapters off. I found that the bass or all purpose ones held my ear better when I was exercising.

    I’m ordering my own pair right now.

  3. lynnriley68 | August 24, 2008 at 8:13 pm |

    Update—Took them on a quick 12 mile bike ride and they worked perfectly. The wind didn’t block the sound at all and not once did I need to adjust them. I didn’t make them too loud as I was riding solo and wanted to be able to hear stuff around me—which is hard with the wind blowing in my face/ears anyhow—but it made the time go by much quicker and made the 12 miles MUCH easier.
    Thanks again!!

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