Griffin Aircurve boosts your iPhone audio without power

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I’ve been testing the new Griffin Aircurve with my iPhone for the past week. My primary alarm clock each morning is my iPhone which I’ve set to wake me at the same time each weekday. Usually I just leave it flat on my nightstand. Sometimes I plug it into a power cable and other times I forget. Here’s a new product from Griffin that does three things – (1) Acts as a stand — (2) Amplifies the iPhone sound and (3) allows for powering your iPhone through your charging cable. How well does it work?

The Aircurve lets you re-charge your iPhone (it works with both first generation and 3G as well as the Touch) via your docking cable. To provide power you snake the dock cable through an opening in the base of the Aircurve.

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Audio is routed through your iPhone speakers in the based of the Aircurve and amplified as it comes out the front of the base.

The sound coming out is noticeably louder. You should not expect any sound improvement (ie – there is no bass or treble boost or fine tuning). However for simple and quick playback of your iPhone this is a very good solution.

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I had no trouble inserting my iPhone into the base. There are three two adapters included with the Aircurve – for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and Touch.

The charging cable is relatively easy to snake through the base of the Aircuve. However connecting your iPhone or Touch to the power supply is a two handed operation. Because the cable is largely unfastened in the base, you’ll need to grab it with one hand to both fasten and remove the cord.

For the price of $19 this is a great product for anyone who might want to amplify the sound of their iPhone or Touch without an overly expensive amplified speaker system. It would make a great desktop accessory for home or office – especially in places where a bulkier amplified docking system might not be practical.

Link: Griffin Aircurve

Price: $ 19

What I Like:
– Inexpensive
– Seems to double the sound volume
– Durable
– Attractive style

What Could Be Improved:
– Somehow attach cable so that inserting and removing iPhone or Touch is not a two handed process

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  1. I’ve read a few reviews on this. I’ve actually been searching for a site where I could review the product publicly, but all I’m really seeing are blogs or personal reviews. Anyhow, my comment is something that I’ve seen mistaken in 2 other reviews of this product.


    There. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying that it does when it doesn’t. The iPod touch doesn’t even have a speaker so there is no possible chance that it will ever work with iPod Touch, EVER!

    Also, since it doesn’t support the iPod Touch, the box only includes adapters for the 3G and 2G iPhones.

    With that out of the way, I’ll have to agree here with what was said about the products functionality. It does what it says. It makes the iPhone louder. Not better, louder. Great concept, but until they start putting Bose speakers in our iPhones, this thing is best used as an extra stand/charger and works great for amplifying the alarm if you use it to wake up in the morning.

  2. 1. You’re right – the older model Touch did not have a speaker. But the new models that were recently introduced have a speaker although from memory they are in the back (or at least not in the same location as the iPhone).

    2. My unit had two adapters included — iPhone (first generation), iPhone 3G. I mistakenly thought it had three (the third being the touch).

    This is my mistake and I’ll correct it now.

  3. Well how about that. Ya learn something new every day. 🙂

    I would edit my comment, but I don’t think I can. 🙁

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