Going green? How about reusable toilet paper?


Interested in doing your part to improve the environment. Who’s with me on switching to reusable toilet paper? Cloth toilet paper is not much different from the concept of re-usable diapers. It’s more economical, uses less paper and — no more late night trips to the store when you run out of paper! Biggest downside? Who wants to wash this in their washing machine?

Soft Cloth Toilet Wipes Details:

* Two-layer construction for soft strength.
* Basic wipes are one layer of soft flannel and one layer of knit terry.
* Premium wipes are one layer of soft flannel and one layer of super soft velour.
* Hemp wipes are two layers of hemp French terry with one smooth side and one loopy side.
* Sherpa wipes are two layers of soft cotton sherpa (cotton fleece).
* Edges finished with a nylon thread.
* Photos show a sample of the the types of designs that may be included with each package – fabrics will vary.


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