Going green? How about reusable toilet paper?


Interested in doing your part to improve the environment. Who’s with me on switching to reusable toilet paper? Cloth toilet paper is not much different from the concept of re-usable diapers. It’s more economical, uses less paper and — no more late night trips to the store when you run out of paper! Biggest downside? Who wants to wash this in their washing machine?

Soft Cloth Toilet Wipes Details:

* Two-layer construction for soft strength.
* Basic wipes are one layer of soft flannel and one layer of knit terry.
* Premium wipes are one layer of soft flannel and one layer of super soft velour.
* Hemp wipes are two layers of hemp French terry with one smooth side and one loopy side.
* Sherpa wipes are two layers of soft cotton sherpa (cotton fleece).
* Edges finished with a nylon thread.
* Photos show a sample of the the types of designs that may be included with each package – fabrics will vary.


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8 Comments on "Going green? How about reusable toilet paper?"

  1. I think these can double as cloth napkins (when clean, naturally)

  2. Nope… No they can't!

  3. This is soooo wrong on soooo many levels. Just say NO. 😛

  4. How can these be considered "green"? You need to throw them into a washer machine and use plenty of electricity to get them clean, plus detergents and bleach. I seriously doubt people will be washing them by hand, and even if they did, they would still be wasting clean, potable water. Personally, I feel these are horribly inefficient compared to manufactured toilet paper, and extremely unhygienic. Totally ridiculous idea.

  5. I don't sell them as "green" I sell them as cheap and comfortable! I've never claimed they'll save the environment! (However, if you're already washing cloth diapers, there's no additional water or detergent use.)

  6. This was one of my dilemmas 19 years ago when Sarah was in diapers: Did I do the "green" thing and use cloth diapers? Or did I contribute to landfill waste and use disposables?

    In the end, I went with disposables because using cloth did mean extra water, detergent, bleach, softeners. I also couldn't stand the thought of having something so nasty in my dirty clothes hamper… :-/

  7. While I'd never use these I also won't use recycled toilet paper. It may have been toilet paper originally ! 🙂

  8. never2cheap | March 11, 2009 at 1:16 am |

    You can't be serious! Think of the fuel, exhaust etc used to cut down trees, transport them to the mill, make them into toilet paper, create and transport the plastic to package them, transport the packaged paper to a warehouse, to a store, to a home then the plastic in the landfill forever and the paper to a waste proccessing plant. That can't possibly compare to fabric that is made once and then a few items added to the wash each week. There is no comparison.

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