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Like Judie, I unboxed my Kindle VERY carefully. The Kindle wasn’t inexpensive, and having read Rob Bushway’s tale of woe, I didn’t want a repeat. So… while I had not initially bought a case for my Kindle (hello Amazon, talk about cheap! Include SOMETHING case-wise for crying out loud), I did order the standard case as quickly as possible.


The Kindle came Wednesday and the case arrived yesterday. It is sweet!

I love the look of the Cole Haan cover Judie ordered, but the Amazon cover has two big advantages.

First there is price. At $30 Amazon’s case is less than a third the price of the Cole Hahn cover.  You get what you pay for, and for $100 you get a luxury case of super-soft leather. The cases are apples and oranges, but you can get a lot of apples AND oranges for the $70 difference. (Oh, and my $30 cover includes advertising…)


The second difference is a biggee in my book (pun intended). While the Cole Hahn case holds the Kindle with elastic straps, the Amazon cover is designed to take advantage of two small, reinforced slots in the Kindle’s side.


As a result the Kindle is held super securely, AND you get Kindle and cover… and that’s it.


The cover is as streamlined as can be and… I love it.


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  1. I love that this case uses the built-in clip slots; it does look amazingly sleek! :-))

  2. RT @GearDiarySite: Kindle Case – Another Option

  3. Does the case stay on — my first generation case is awful and is very easy to knock off.

  4. locked in tight as can be. not as nice leather-wise as Judie's but VERY functional

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