Google rolls out goodness with Gmail Mobile for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android devices

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Google has launched a brand new Gmail mobile web engine for the iPhone and Android devices. The change incorporates HTML5 and Google Gears for Mobile, which will allow you to access your Gmail and other gear-enabled applications offline (not that anyone ever loses their 3G data connection…right?…right? *cough*).


These changes help make the mobile experience with Gmail much more intuitive — especially with the “Floating Bar” that Google has incorporated to make it easier to archive or delete messages in bulk, as it stays on-screen as you select messages (read: no more checking boxes then scrolling alllllllllllllllllll the way to the top of the screen to archive).


Another nice benefit to the new Gmail mobile is the ability to create a homescreen link directly on your device.


Google has provided a video highlighting the new features in Gmail mobile:

Note: The new Gmail mobile only supports the iPhone/iPod Touch OS 2.2.1. All Android-powered phones are supported. Currently available in English only.

What I Like: Improved speed opening email, navigating, and searching. The Google “Floating Bar” makes it easier to delete or archive messages (stays on-screen as you scroll through your messages); Google Gears-enabled means your device can still open recently read messages and compose emails even if your data connection is dropped; Ability to create a Homescreen link right on your mobile; It’s Free!

What Needs Improvement: Nada – I can’t find anything to gripe about.

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