Real Racing for iPhone and iPod Touch Review


Firemint’s first offering, Flight Control, quickly became one of the hottest applications in the iTunes App Store.  Now the developer has released their second game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and it’s sure to rise to the top just as fast.

Real Racing puts you behind the wheel, literally, of a race car and pits you against other drivers in a track style race that’s both realistic and downright fun.

The game opens to the main menu where you can select from a variety of settings and options.


In the options area you can adjust both the game’s sounds and how the car you are driving is controlled.


There are four different methods to control the car.

Method A controls the car via the device’s accelerometer.  It auto accelerates the car but requires you to do the braking.

Braking is done by pressing on the screen.


Method B is the most manual setting.  You use the device’s accelerometer to steer and both manually accelerate and brake.


Method C uses the device’s touch screen to steer.  Touch right to go right and left to go left.

In this method the game automatically accelerates for you but you control the braking.


And finally there’s method D which features a realistic steering wheel which you use to control the car.

Like method C in this method the game automatically accelerates for you but you control the braking.


The other settings allow you to adjust the game’s sounds.

You can flip the screen orientation as well as reset the game.


When you’re ready to hit the track there are three types of races to choose from.

Time Trial, Career and Quick Race.


In career mode you compete in a variety of races.


In time trial mode the goal is to complete one lap and fast as you can.  You can then compare your time with other players online.


This makes for some good practice time since there’s no other cars to run into.


Quick race mode lets you jump right into the action.

You first select a track on which to race.

As you progress further in the game more tracks are unlocked for you to select from.


Then you get to pick a vehicle, first the category section.

Again, more are unlocked as you play the game.


And then your actual car.


With your car ready to go it’s time to head to the start.


Once racing is under way the car is easy to control.  It turns smoothly and the sounds are incredibly realistic.

The driver shifts the gear shift and turns the wheel making feel like you’re really controlling him.


The game has a very realistic look and feel to it which makes you really feel like you’re behind the wheel controlling the car’s movements.


At the end of your race you’ll see your place, time and best lap.


The game also features a local multi player mode which allows you to compete against other players who are on your local network.

Or you participate in online leagues and sync your results to the game’s servers to compete.


And your profile shows you how you’re doing in the game.


You can view a trailer of the game here.

If you’re a fan of racing and driving style games this one is one your should not pass up.  Seriously, don’t hesitate.  Go get it now.

Real Racing is both highly realistic and highly entertaining.  It’s one of those games which truly showcases what a great gaming device the iPhone can be.

You can check out Real Racing in the iTunes App Store.

Note, Real Racing required iPhone software 2.2 or greater.

M.S.R.P. – $9.99

What I like – amazing graphics, great control, realistic sounds, a real racing experience.

What I don’t like – I honestly can’t come up with one thing.

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