Belkin Breaks iPhone Users out of Case Boredom with New Lineup Review

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Just the other day I was discussing the state of the current lineup of iPhone cases with a fellow blogger.  We were both remarking how disappointed we’d become with the current stock of cases available on the market.  It just seems as if there hasn’t been anything new released for quite some time.

Well Belkin has come to the rescue.

I knew that Belkin was one of a select group of case manufacturers that had planned to launch an entire new line of cases in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 3G S.

I recently received 3 review samples from Belkin’s future line up.

Note:  These review samples did not come in retail packaging.  When the cases do become available Belkin has told me they will include a screen shield.  Also I’m only showing 3 cases here in this review.  Belkin’s new lineup includes over 2o cases.

First up is the Grip Vector Duo.

This case comes in a two-pack with three different choices.

1 – Caviar/Clear

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2 – Light Graphite/Indigo

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3 – Hot Pink/Chili Pepper

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I was sent the Chili Pepper version for review.

The Grip Vector Duo is a heavy duty silicone skin with a etched line pattern across the back.

There is a cut out on the back for the phone’s camera.


It features a lay on the table design that protects much of the front of the iPhone.


The volume rocker and power button get covered by the case while the headset port and vibrate switch remain accessible.



You retain full access to the dock connector with the case on.


At a predicted price of of only $19.99 for a 2-pack of skins this is a great deal.

Usually a low price for silicone means a cheap feeling case.  Not true here at all.  These are not thin silicone cases.  They are thick which means they offer a good amount of shock and impact protection.  The fit is snug which means no sagging, which can be a common issue with silicone cases.

I did not have a problem with the case attracting lint either.  Its smooth texture doesn’t seem to be a lint magnet at all and the case slid easily in and out of my pants pocket.

M.S.R.P. – $19.99

What I like – Thick silicone skin, does not attract lint, great deal.

What I don’t like – Nothing.

The second case I looked at is the Grip Ergo.

This unique case comes in three color variations.

1 – Caviar

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2 – Indigo

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3 – Chili Pepper

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I was sent the Caviar color to review.

This is a heavy duty silicone case unlike one I’ve ever seen before.

Not only is the case itself extra thick but it has a back full of contoured ridges which really add extra grip to your phone.

There is a cut out on the back for the phone’s camera.


Just like the Grip Vector Duo the Grip Ergo offers a lay on the table design.


And while the volume rocker and power button get covered by the case the headset jack and vibrate switch remain exposed.



You retain access to the dock connector so that you’re able to both sync and charge your iPhone using the iPhone USB cable while this case is on your phone.


The Grip Ergo offers even more shock and impact protection than the Grip Vector but it does also add more bulk.

In exchange though you gain a super cool back that makes your phone feel great in the hand for long gaming sessions or while you’re browsing the web.

M.S.R.P. – $29.99

What I like – Extra protection, unique ridged back.

What I don’t like – Non contoured areas attract some lint, not a fan of the Belkin logo in the dead center.

Finally I took a look at the Dual Fit.

This arm band style case is hand washable and water resistant.

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The arm band offers two slots which allow it to be worn by arms of all sizes.


The Dual Fit features a clear screen protector which allows you to use the device while working out but keeps your screen fully protected.


The phone slides in from the back and is protected by a thin layer of neoprene.


This arm band offers a super slim fit that’s very comfortable to wear while working out.

Even my wife, who has smallish arms was able to comfortably wear the Dual Fit.


It also features a pocket where one key can be stored.

M.S.R.P. – $29.99

What I like – fits most any arms, slim and comfortable fit.

What I don’t like – Nothing.

These cases, along with many other new offerings from Belkin should be available for shipping in the next few weeks.

You can view the entire Belkin lineup of cases for the iPhone right on their website.

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