$800 Fisher AG7 Space Pen commemorates 40th anniversary of moon landing

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Hard to believe that tomorrow will be the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In celebration Fisher Space Pen has released this commemorative pen, a replica of their famed anti-gravity pen, that includes an actual piece of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. There are only 1000 available and the pen sits on a handy ashtray commemorative case fashioned as a space footprint.

The presentation case tells the historic story of the Apollo 11 mission as well as other monumental moments in human spaceflight. The iconic photo of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon is replicated in a resin casting of the footprint inset into the hinged lid. And, an innovative magnetic pedestal allows the pen to sit on its own “launch pad” for display when the lid is closed. The story continues on the sides of the case with a band of plated stainless steel and is engraved with a timeline that tells the moment-by-moment story of the mission’s key events, from launch to splashdown.

The pen is finished with black titanium nitride. The detailed engravings inlayed with 24-karat gold include the pen’s sequential serial number, the names of the Apollo 11 crew and the image of an astronaut planting the American flag into the lunar surface.

The Fisher AG7 Space Pen, featuring Fisher’s sealed and pressurized anti-gravity ink cartridge, has been issued to astronauts for NASA human spaceflights since 1968.

Fisher Space Pen

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5 Comments on "$800 Fisher AG7 Space Pen commemorates 40th anniversary of moon landing"

  1. The “handy ashtray” comment was priceless! 😉

  2. Bet they’ll sell a ton of these at that price !

  3. I give up on these. I’d lose it within a week. $.50 bic for me…

  4. I had a wonderful Fisher pen years ago … yep, let someone borrow it and it was gone forever …

  5. jo jo mojo | July 20, 2009 at 4:03 pm |

    this item looks really well done for what it is. lets face it, you are not buying a pen ypu are buying the artifact material from the actual space craft. this product will approeciate in value, it is a genuine collectible. 99% of limited editons pens have little value to collectors. this is different, this is actually a pretty good theme collectible that will appreciate in value. where else do you go to own a piece of the hardware from one of mankinds greatest acheivments to date

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