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As summer has come to a close and football has begun, I find myself without a day off until December.  For those of you who might have some time off and a spare evening, live music might be your choice of spending an evening.  Local Concerts provides a one stop resource to find who will be playing in your area.  The app is developed by a huge social music engine called iLike.It does not matter your taste or style, you can definitely find something worth going to see!

Live Concerts uses your GPS to determine location, then downloads many weeks worth of concert information and stores it on your phone.  This is a good feature since browsing the information is much faster.  Your latest location is stored and will automatically load when the app starts.  For some reason, when I let the app find my location, a nearby town (and one of our big football rivals) is all that shows.  I have to actually go to the information tab and type in my town to get that location.  If you are like me and live in the country, the distance included in your database is changeable.  My app is set at 75 miles.

The concerts are search-able several different ways.  Searching by date is the default which shows the closest date to the current day.  Scrolling through the dates is just like browsing albums on iTunes.  Just flick the screen and all of the concerts are viewable.  Most of the larger acts also have a small picture next to the show information.  The bottom of the screen allow for two options.  “Shows,” displays each concert by date.  “Venue,” provides a list of venues.  Once a venue is chosen, their complete concert lineup is available.  I was amazed at the number of venues included.  The neighboring high school my wife works was included since they are having two concerts in the near future.  At the top of the screen is a “popular” and an “all” button.  The popular button basically narrows the information down to larger acts and the all button lists every show available.  The very top of the concert list includes a search box which allows the search of venues, bands, etc…  If the information searched is in any of the descriptions, it can be found here.

When a concert of interest is discovered, it is click-able to provide more information.  The time, date and location information (usually along with a band picture) is provided.  There is also the ability to get a map to the venue.  Basically, the app goes to Google maps app and shows a map and the ability to get directions.  If an online ticket company is being used, just click “tickets” and buy them online right off of the phone.  There is also a button to view other events being held at that venue.

I will have to say that I am impressed with the depth of the app.  Not only are big name, mainstream concerts available, but also some famous local joints and many I have never heard of.  This is truly a wonderful and fast way to find any upcoming shows or search for your favorite band.  The developers plan on adding some great features soon.  Live Concerts is free in the app store.  I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy live music.

V2 update coming soon:
Concert calendar personalized to your music library.
Get notified when your artists announce local shows.
Mark your favorite venues.
Search by artist or venue.
Email shows to your friends.
What I like:  The app includes a huge number of venues and artists in a easily viewable manner.

What I like:

The app includes a huge number of venues and artists in a easily viewable manner.

What I don’t:

I have no more days off for several months to catch a concert!

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