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Getting back to work has created a minor problem for me.  Since almost every waking hour is spent either in the coaches’ office or on the practice field for two more weeks, I have a really hard time keeping up with daily news.  Having all day computer access in the summers has spoiled me by allowing for a daily information overload of world and tech news.  There are several news apps that I like on my iPhone, but they are not customizable.

I need news the way I want it.  Some world, some sports, and lots of tech.  These needs are unique to all of us.  iNews is able to not only keep me connected, but provide customization which allows me my own unique news experience.

The developers describe iNews as a “peaceful news reader.”

Peaceful News (RSS) Reader

iNews is a peaceful news (RSS) reader. It is designed for busy people with so litle time and so many news to read. Staying informed on the go without having obligation to read everything.

At first I wondered why they would call an RSS reader peaceful.  Then the description being for people with so little time and so many news to read explained why I have to use iNews daily.  If you want iNews to be like all other RSS readers, just set it to “Pro” mode.  As you can see, the peaceful mode represents each feed with an image and the pro mode lists the feeds along with the number of articles unread.  The idea is that not having a number of stories listed is more peaceful.  I have to say this is true for me.  I am crazy about clearing badges on my phone.  I cannot stand to see left over stories or emails etc…

Adding feeds is super easy.  For a quick add, just go to “add popular feed.”  A list of hundreds of popular feeds are listed under categories.  First task for you is to scroll down to the Geeky category and add Gear Diary!!!  This list not only includes many of my favorite sites, but also helped me discover several more.  The popular feeds included are also available through search.  Other ways of adding apps are by URL and by adding google reader.  If you have Google reader and would like to just shift it to your phone, all you have to do is enter your google log in information.  iNews will load up your feeds for you anytime you need them.

Clicking on a feed gives a list of articles available since the last sync.  Browse through the articles and read the ones that are most appealing.  Once an article is read in peaceful mode, it disappears.  This keeps the interface clean and simple.  No clutter, no deleting.  In pro mode the article is not bold anymore and ready to be deleted.

When an article is found that has to be shared (for example, this article!), iNews gives several options to click and share.  Twitter, email, Facebook, Read it later, or Instapaper are available.  Once the log in credentials are entered, a simple click adds a link to the feed.  Fast and easy!

I have given just a quick look at some of the main features of iNews.  The app can be personalized in many ways making it individualized for everyone.  There are a few extra interface features that can be seen in the user video below.  If you are like me and your job keeps you from staying wired all day, check out iNews for your iPhone.  It is available in the app store for $1.99.

What I Like:  Super easy to add and discover feeds.  Ability of customization.

What Needs Improvement:  Speed!  Many of the bugs I had in the past have been addressed by the developers.

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Travis Ehrlich
Travis is a high school teacher and coach in a small South Texas town. His love for gadgets began at a very early age, and he has been a cross between a jock and a geek for most of his life. He has two boys and a wonderful wife who lets him be a gadget freak. He is a Mac convert and has drank the whole pitcher of Kool-Aid! He is also an avid guitar player and loves the outdoors, especially hunting with both a bow and rifle.