Cable Jive iStubz & Dock Extender Review

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Cable Jive makes some really simple but very ingenious products for the iPhone and iPod.

They were kind enough to send along their iStubz charge and sync cable as well as their Dock Extender Cable for review.

These two cables serve different purposes and both provide a great solution for your iPhone or iPod charge and sync as well as overall daily needs.


If you’re a gadget nut like most of us around here chances are your desk is full of cables and cords.  Sitting here typing this review I count three right in front of me.

If you struggle to keep your work space organized Cable Jive might have just what you’re looking for.

The iStubz is a charge and sync USB cable that comes in two, very short lengths.  7 cm or 22 cm.

The cable features a USB connector on one end and a dock connector on the other.

I found the 7 cm length perfect for charging my iPhone via my iMac’s wired keyboard’s USB port.


The 22 cm cable is a little longer.  It’s long enough to allow you to turn the phone upright and use it while it’s charging.


The cable comes in either black or white no matter which length you select.

The 7 cm cable sells for $7.95 while the 22 cm for $8.95.

Cable Jive also sells the iStubz in a bundled pack.  You get both lengths for $14.95.

I found the iStubz both synced and charged my iPhone perfectly.  There were no connection issues.

The iStubz cable is a great way to cutdown on desk clutter.  It’s a great addition for road warriors and home office workers alike.

M.S.R.P. – $7.95 for 7cm or $8.95 for 22cm

What I like – cuts down on desk clutter.

What I don’t like – nothing.

Dock Externder Cable:

If you use a case on your iPhone and own a dock or any accessory with a dock connector chances are you’ve run into this problem.

When your iPhone or iPod is in its case you’re unable to use your dock accessory because the case prevents the iPhone or iPod from reaching the dock’s connector pins.

With the Cable Jive Dock Extender Cable you can use all of your dock accessory items with your iPhone or iPod still in any case.

The cable features a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other and is compatible with all iPhone and iPod models.

The cable comes in a 2 ft. or 6 ft. length in both black and white.

I was able to use the cable to dock my iPhone in both my Apple 3G dock as well as my Griffin Simplifi dock while using any of my cases.


The Dock Extender Cable provides a connection for everything except S-video output and audio in for recording. It is constructed from high quality wire for for superior audio quality and speedy data transfer.

I love my OtterBox Defender case and I use it often.  But whenever I want to listen to my iPhone’s music library via my iHome iP99 clock radio I’m forced to remove the phone from the case to do so.

The Dock Extender Cable allows me to plug my iPhone into my iHome iP99 regardless of what case I have on.


Not only did charging work but I was also able to then stream my iPod’s music library into the iHome.


If you use a thick case such as the OtterBox, Speck Tough Skin or Pixel skin and don’t want to have to remove your phone from the case every time you want to use a accessory with a dock connector this cable is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

M.S.R.P. – $22.95 for 6 ft or $39.95 for $6 feet

What I like – allows me to use iPhone in any case with any accessory item with a dock connector.

What I don’t like – nothing.

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