Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’09 for iPhone/Touch Review

Last week the Blue Plate Special was an app to get us through our fantasy drafts.  I used the app to help me make decisions as well as keep track of the entire draft.  It was much better than trying to find players on paper lists and scratching them off.

  • Game on, wherever you are. Log in from your phone, and manage your team when you’re mobile. Add or drop players, check their stats and see the match-ups from any team in the league. Sign up for StatTracker® on your PC, and get up-to-the-minute stats on game day, on your phone.
  • Get live scoring on the go so you can keep up-to-date on how your team is doing.
  • Manage your roster to account for last minute game/player changes.
  • Find and add players to your team directly from your phone.
  • Check your team’s standing relative to other’s in your league whenever you feel the urge, even if you’re away from your computer.

Last fantasy season was my first with an iPhone.  I would log into Yahoo fantasy sports via Safari and look at my team but was unable to make many changes or really use the features I would like.  It was quite surprising that Yahoo did not have an app.  There is a paid app that keeps track of Yahoo teams, but I found it to be very buggy.  After my draft last week, I tried changing my lineup and picking up a player on the waiver wire with no luck.  It showed the changes, but would never save them.  It was going to be another fantasy season without using my beloved pocket computer to pick up free agents or change my lineup.

Finally, six days ago, Yahoo came to their senses and provided a dedicated Yahoo Fantasy Football app!!!!!!

The season kicks off on Thursday, so I have no experience with live games, but so far the app proves to be what I was wishing for!

First off, log into any of your Yahoo fantasy leagues.  I know for sure you can have at least two leagues as that is all I have.

The first screen upon log in is the team with starters listed first and bench players at the bottom.  A weekly scoreboard is a the top of the page with your record and current rank.  Click on any player to access a profile page complete with current week and season stats.  This is a great quick look at each player.

To change the lineup, click edit.  Click on the player needed to change and follow the instructions to choose a replacement.  Very easy and quick to change.  At the bottom of the screen choose to view League to check out the standings and each team.  Matchup shows the current week’s game and the score.  Clicking Players brings a search for player by position.  Choose a player and add them to your team and cut another.  YES!  Now when there is breaking news about a new starter or blockbuster trade, I can pick up that player before most of the league even knows something happened!

According to Yahoo, any user with Stat Tracker will be able to track the games live on the application.  This alone makes this a complete must have for Yahoo Fantasy team owners.  The other great aspect:  Free in the app store!!!

What I like: The ability to change my lineup, add and drop players and watch live scoring all on the go.  HUGE!!

What I don’t like: I have not found it yet.

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