DivPro from NoJoke.com Review


A few weeks ago Judie asked the question “are you that guy?”

She was posting about the NoJoke.com Shotgun KeyChain.

Well NoJoke.com has another product, which although does have the ability to turn any can into a ready to shotgun chugger also has some really useful functions out on the golf course.

The DivPro is 6 tools in 1; think of it as the Leatherman of the links.

Tool #1 – Ball Marker.  Press up on the DivPro’s logo and you’ll release a magnetic coin which you can use to mark your ball on the green.  The coin itself is made from stamped iron with soft enamel that’s covered with a shiny epoxy.

The coin can be custom designed to include your company’s logo.


Tool #2 – Divot tool.  Use the DivPro’s pointing ends to fix those pesky ball marks on the green.

Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 4.01.53 PM

The tool feels very sturdy and strong.  You can pivot it without worrying about it breaking.  It’s ergonomic shape fixes marks and divots with ease.


Tool #3 – Cigar Holder.  Don’t want that expensive stogie to get all wet?  Use the raised lip of the DivPro to hold it while you take your shot.

Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 3.40.07 PM

Tool #4 – Golf Grip Saver.  Just like your cigar, you want to keep your grips dry when you’re carrying more than one club up to the green trying to make that tough up and down.  Hit the wedge while your putter rests safely, dry on the DivPro.


Tool #5 – Groove Cleaner.  You can use the pointed tips of the divot tool to clean out the grooves of your irons.  Get rid of built up mud and dirt, so your irons are in a pristine state of readiness every time.


Tool #6 – Shotgunner.   The end of the DivPro has a built in tool for creating the perfect shotgun opening in your beer or soda can.


The DivPro is highly polished made from a zinc alloy.  It feels very nice in the hand.  It’s light weight so it won’t weigh down your pockets on the course.  Each of the tools provide a unique and useful function, some more than others.

The DivPro is priced at $14.95, and private labeling and bulk pricing is also available.

You can find out more about the DivPro by visiting the NoJoke.com web site.

What I like – One tool that does six jobs

What I don’t like – Nothing

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