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There are a lot of options for listening to your iPod sans headphones but this is one of the more interesting and useful designs in my option. The Scosche soundSCREEN wraps around the your iPod like a picture frame (it is particularly good with the iPod touch which is a perfect fit) and lets you watch or listen to music, video and more hands-free.

Let’s take a look…

Scosche soundSCREEN6.png


– Portable speaker frame for your iPod touch (Gen 2), iPod nano (Gen 4), iPod classic 80/120GB, iPod touch (Gen 1), iPod nano (Gen 3)
– Rotating kickstand enables widescreen or upright viewing
– Safely charges your iPod while the included AC adapter is plugged in
– Includes adapter for iPod nano (Gen 3)
– Aux/ MP# input allows you to connect your iPod shuffle of other MP3 player
– Completely portable with six AA batteries (not included)
– Dimensions: 6.625″ H x 6.625″W x 1.125″D

The soundSCREEN is about as understated a speaker design as you are going to find. That’s a good thing since it allows you to focus your attention on the video you are watching rather than the design of the accessory.


A simple black square, the only obvious button on the front is the release for the iphone/touch “bay”. Push it in and the door opens just enough to slide your iPhone or touch in. Push it back and it clicks into place.

Scosche soundSCREEN1.png

The mechanism is far from “heavy duty” but it feels as if it is study enough to last the lifetime of the device so long as you don’t pull on it too hard.


On the top are three buttons- on/off, volume up/volume down and a power indicator. I like the minimalism of the soundSCREEN and the way it makes using the speaker simple. In fact, this feature makes it a great choice if kids will be using it.

Scosche soundSCREEN4.png

On the back are a line-in input, the input for the AC power, two battery bays (it take 4 AA batteries) if you want to use it on the go and a plastic kick stand.

Scosche soundSCREEN5.png

The kickstand is a nice feature but while sturdy enough I definitely would be careful with it lest it snap off in your hands. A nice design feature is that it can rotate 90 so that it can hold the soundSCREEN with the iPhone/touch in either landscape or portrait. Again, however, I would take care in moving it from one to the other.


The soundSCREEN sounds… okay. It is certainly a huge improvement over relying on the touch’s speaker but it certainly won’t be winning any awards from audiophiles. It isn’t, however, intended for high end listening but rather convenience. When viewed in this way it is a great… or it would be if it were not for…

The lack of GSM shielding. No, the soundSCREEN does not advertise itself as being compatible with the iPhone but I can’t understand why manufacturers don’t add shielding so that accessories work with the entire iPod/iPhone line. That’s a disappointment but again, they never said it WOULD work with the iPhone.

In all, the Scosche soundSCREEN is a good solution to handsfree/headphones free iPod listening and viewing. It is ideal for kids which is why it is on the way to Larry’s… dad was good to them and got them a touch… or at least they have taken his. I think they’ll like it.

The Scosche soundSCREEN has an MSRP of $79.99 but is available on the Scosche website for $49.99.

What I Like-

Minimalist design, sounds good enough for casual use, kickstand allows you to have the touch in portrait or landscape, can be used on the go with 4 AA batteries,

What Needs Improvement:
No GSM Shielding means it is only useful with the iPhone in Airplane mode, won’t win any awards for sound quality

The Scosche soundSCREEN has an MSRP of $79.99 but is available on the Scosche website for $49.99.

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