Review: Gorilla Tube for iPhone 3G/3Gs


Gorilla Tubes are “super slim, hard cases for your iPhone or iPod made from hi-tech fiber composite materials.”  Each Gorilla Tube is hand made in Germany.

These cases are definitely different from your plain jane black leather pouch.  In addition to providing an incredible amount of protection the cases look super sleek as well.

So step out of that old, tired, conservative leather sleeve and dive into a futuristic looking carbon fiber tube.

Gorilla cases was kind enough to send me a Gorilla Tube in Carbon Fiber to review.  This case isn’t made from some imitation carbon fiber looking leather or plastic.  This is the real deal.  1.5 mm thick of genuine carbon fiber goodness.

Opening the large box reveals only the case itself.  No included screen protector or cleaning cloth with this one.  But if you can afford a Gorilla Tube chances are you can afford to purchase a screen protector on your own.

The carbon fiber composite material has a metal feel to it.  It’s super hard and right away you know it’s going to protect your phone like a suit of armor.


The inside of the tube is lined with a supple felt like material.  So while you know your phone is going to be protected from the outside elements by the sturdy carbon fiber know that it’ll also be safe on the inside, cradled by the soft inner lining.


The Gorilla Tube uses a patented system for inserting your phone in and removing it from the tube.  The case features a “flipstrap” which allows you to insert or remove the phone into and out of the case from either side.

As you slide your phone down the tube the strap moves along with it.  When the phone is all the way in the case the flipstrap creates a cradle which holds it securely in the tube.  When it comes time to remove the phone you simply pull up on the strap and your phone quickly slides up and out of the tube.


The fit of the Gorilla Tube with the iPhone 3Gs is superb.  It’s just tight enough that there’s no movement of the phone while in the tube but not so loose as though to make you feel like the phone’s going to fall out.


My 3 year old daughter helped me test the super strength of the Gorilla Pod.  Remember, carbon fiber is used in the production of airplanes and race cars.  It has to be strong.  I feel very confident my iPhone would survive drops, being tossed and yes even stepped on.


The Gorilla Tube is available in either the Carbon Fiber version shown here or if your prefer a Natural Fiber Edition as well.


The Gorilla Tube is a work of art as much as it’s a case for your iPhone or iPod.  Plain and simple, it’s gorgeous.  Made from real carbon fiber it provides you with a sleek, super sturdy way to tote your naked iPhone around.  It’s not cheap by any means but sometimes the really good things are worth paying a little more for.

Check out the entire line of Gorilla Cases here.

M.S.R.P. – $94.99

What I like – each Gorilla Tube is handmade from real carbon fiber.  Super strong body provides tons of protection.

What I don’t like – Nothing

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