Are YOU the Master of the Digital Universe?

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Are YOU the Master of the Digital Universe? Listen to this article


Skooba Design is looking for the ultimate digital gear-head. Could it be you? Their new “Master of the Digital Universe” contest gives techies from all over a chance to “put up or shut up” as they duke it out for the title. The prizes look amazing!

Among other goodies, the grand prize includes something truly unique the opportunity to work directly with a Skooba designer to create a custom-made, one-of-a-kind laptop/gadget bag, to be handmade by a Skooba craftsperson, only for the winner. As the company says, “as is fitting for the Master, it will be the only bag of its kind in the universe, made to the winner’s wants, needs and specifications. Once it is made, there will never be another.” The grand prize winner will get other merchandise and gadget gift card prizes as well, and may be featured in Skooba advertising and promotional activities. 2 runners-up will receive prize packages as well, and all entries will be included in a “second-chance” prize drawing. The total value of prizes is more than $6,000.


The contest isn’t just about who has the most stuff, although “the type and number of devices certainly counts,” it’s also about which techie has the “best overall story and presentation.”

It could be based on the degree to which electronics are integrated into the entrant’s everyday life, it could be about the most incredible road warrior’s traveling tech arsenal. We are looking for overall uniqueness, interest, and even entertainment we want people to make it fun and really ‘sell the story.’

You can enter on the “Master of the Digital Universe” entry page, which is set up to allow “contestants to tell their stories free-form, and to add photos or links to videos to support their claims of techno-greatness.” Judging will begin on November 23rd, and winners will be selected on November 30th. You can read more about it and enter here.

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