Sony Store Moving to EPub


We have an official date for the Sony move to ePub… this Friday, December 11th.

Going forward, ALL Sony eBooks will be available only as ePubs, and the proprietary BBeB format will be removed. If you did not opt into the PRS-500 upgrade/trade-in program, be sure to back up your library!

Also on Friday, the Sony Reader software is coming to Macs and PCs, so presumably you can read your Sony content on your laptop if e-ink drives you nuts!

Finally, Sony is renaming their eBook store the “Reader Store”, to better tie in with their Sony Reader line.

What does this mean for eBooks, especially the “Big 3” — Sony, B&N, and Amazon? Check out “State of the eBook” later this week to find out!

Sony’s official email announcement can be found here.

Via mobileread

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