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Aerial7 recently provided us with the Chopper2 headphones to review.  The headphones provide a nice retro styling, and fit over the ear.  Apparently, Aerial7 Choppers are very popular with athletes and professional DJ’s.  Now, I’m not anywhere near the same league as snow boarder Heikki Sorsa, or DJ Neil Armstrong — who is the DJ for rapper Jay-Z (I actually was pretty excited when I glossed over the press release accompanying the review unit, thinking that it was astronaut Neil Armstrong who used the headphones, but I digress).

The Chopper2 combines a vintage look with what Aerial7 states are “sneaker-inspired aesthetics.” I think the takeaway there is that the headphones are both sturdy and stylish.  I can definitely see these headphones are geared for the urban hipster who may moonlight as a DJ slinging tunes at one of those cool, nondescript downtown clubs where the cool kids go with their crazy breakdancing moves.  Breakdancing’s still “in,” right?  So, by now, you’ve guessed that I’m pretty lame.  Regardless of that fact, I was able to put the Chopper2’s to good use.

Do they live up to the hype?  Let’s take a closer look…

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I received the “Pharoah” style of the Chopper2 headphones.  There are several sub-styles of these headphones — including the Britt, the Hype, and the Mojave.  The same features are consistent with each one of the Chopper2s, but the print design differs based on each style.

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When you unpackage the headphones, you get a nice retro carrying bag with headphone stereo adapters to ensure you can use the Chopper2s with your home stereo equipment, MP3 audio player, as well as any handy DJ’ing equipment you may have (alas, I only used the headphones with my iPhone and BlackBerry to crank out the tunes). So, cut to the chase — how do they sound?

I believe audiophiles who want an alternative to the in-ear canal style of earphones will certainly enjoy the Chopper2 headphones.  Music was rich and loud using the Chopper2s.

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The materials used in the Chopper2 headphones look great.  They feel solid and have a nice weight to them.  In other words, they don’t feel cheap or like they would scratch or break if you were to accidentally drop them.  More importantly, though, they feel great. The headphones are extremely comfortable to wear.  I listened to a few hours of music (streaming Pandora) while I did some work around the house.  Since I usually enjoy listening to music while doing any kind of work (personally, music actually helps me concentrate) I appreciate that the headphones are so comfortable to wear for extended periods.

As for how the headphones look — well, just don’t judge the entire product solely by the photo below.  I’m not what anyone would call a good product model, but here is a shot of the Chopper2s in use:


So the verdict?  These are certainly a great set of headphones.  I usually gravitate towards the in-ear style because of portability,  and, my personal opinion here, they just sound great (I’ve almost always got a pair of Shure earphones on me).  The tradeoff there is longterm comfort.  The Chopper2 headphones are certainly good, quality headphones that bring both style and comfort.  Priced at under $70, they’re also quite cheaper than many of the premium earphones out there.  As long as you like the over-the-ear style of headphones, I would say these are a great choice.

What I Like: Nice retro styling.  Comfortable.  Great sounding headphones.  Whether you’re a star athlete,  professional DJ, or just schlepping through the work day like me, the Chopper2’s will give you a rich sounding music experience.

What Needs Improvement: The Chopper’s are meant to be “loud” (style-wise).  I wouldn’t mind seeing a few models with some subtle accents or basic colors like all-black or black with gray.  That’s merely personal preference, and, frankly, a bit nitpicky.

The product itself does exactly what it says it does, with great results. The types of Chopper2 headphones available — the the Britt, the Hype, the Mojave, and the Pharoah model that I reviewed — ensure that you get the one that best suits your personal style.

MSRP: The Chopper2 headphones retail for $69.99.

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  1. Joel McLaughlin | December 23, 2009 at 6:59 pm |

    Nice cans man! I like how they use some metal in their construction. That’s something I hope to see more of.

  2. hey, wanna get it for my man who likes playing pc games. do these headphones work on computers? hope its not a lame question – i am not quite pc literate! 🙂 Thanks!!

  3. There are adapters for all audio output types so you should be safe.

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