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I have to admit, I am not a big fan of music that uses Auto-Tune.  On the other hand, I found the Ocarina app from Smule to be fascinating.  Of course I had to briefly learn the Legend of Zelda theme.  The app is truly amazing.  With that in mind, I decided to try out the I Am T-Pain app.  Whether you like the genre of music or not, the app works well.  Two of my students, Kelsey and Danielle, gave it a try.  Both of them can sing and Smule was able to transform them into virtual hip-hop stars.

Launch the I Am T-Pain app, select your favorite track, and just sing into the Mic on your iPhone. I Am T-Pain will record and Auto-Tune your voice. Then, with a single button, share your song over email, Facebook, or MySpace.

You can also select the Freestyle option and use Auto-Tune for singing without companion tracks. Use this option if you simply want to send someone an Auto-Tuned greeting over email (Shawwttay!).

• The application bundles several of T-Pain’s top songs including Bartender and I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper), complete with lyrics, integrated Auto-Tune settings, and timings.

• The App also bundles six previously unreleased T-Pain original beats, and three holiday classics to usher in the holidays Santa-Pain style.

• Additional songs including On A Boat, Buy U A Drank, and Good Life can be purchased within the App.

• Update 1.1 has been approved! Use Auto-Tune with your existing iTunes library.

features top Auto-Tuned performances around the world, based on the amount of “Love” your songs receive on Facebook or MySpace.

We recommend using the headphones with the integrated microphone that came bundled with your iPhone (required for first gen iPhone and iPod touch). You can also plug your iPhone into external speakers, amplifying your Auto-Tuned voice and tracks for all to hear.

Just like the developers, I recommend using headphones with a microphone to get the best results.  The headphones will allow the music to sound better assisting in the singing experience.  There are many options and the app is very polished.

The tuning tab is where your voice is perfected.  When choosing the custom settings there are options to change the scale and set up to four presets.  For users actually using the app for their own music this is a nice feature so the auto-tune is able to match the key of the music.  For the review, we left it set to T-Pain.

The Beats tab is where the music is selected.  Several T-Pain songs are provided with lyrics as well as several songs available for purchase.  Towards the bottom of the list there are original beats for writing your own song or to freestyle.  The latest version of the app allows the entire iTunes library to be available.  Of course these songs still have a voice track, but still a great feature.

Not only are the songs fun, they are recordable!  Any recordings can be saved on the phone and reviewed under the Play tab.  The tunes may also be uploaded and shared with friends.  Here is Kelsey and Danielle’s version of Kiss Kiss. This was recorded on the steps of the high school on the second take.  Check their song out here.

Whether auto-tune is your thing or not, this is a high quality app.  I Am T-Pain does exactly what it says and does it well.  Many updates have been released and Smule keeps making it better each time.  Check it out here in the app store for $2.99.  Who knows, you might be the next T-Pain!

What I like: The app works amazingly well and is nicely polished.

What could use improvement: I would like to see the option to download the songs as MP3s or send to a computer to save.

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