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December 28, 2009 • eBooks, Reviews

The Camangi Webstation Unboxed

It seems like it took forever, but my Camangi WebStation finally showed up today. Dan’s is out for delivery, so in the meantime he is processing the raw video I’ve uploaded of my unboxing. While we wait for that, here are some pictures. I haven’t done anything other than unbox the Camangi, turn it on … and marvel at it before plugging it in

So without further ado, here are some pictures. Video and more impressions from Dan and me will be up shortly. 🙂

From the Camangi site:

Camangi WebStation is the world’s first 7-inch handheld device that runs Google Android. The Camangi WebStation brings a new way to enjoy the Internet and your entertainment all under a stylish Internet Tablet.

Camangi WebStation aspires to bring people the most convenient Internet tablet with the simplest design. Unlike most electronic devices, there are no overly complicate functions or navigation process, so you can always stay online by enjoying the simplicity of the device whether you’re familiar with electronic products or not.

Camangi WebStation supports a wide range of features, including web browser, music(video) player, digital frame, eBook reader, and so on. With a sensitive touchscreen and a high-resolution display that barely weights a third of an average Netbook. Camangi WebStation offers you a comfortably sized screen to view and carry around either at home or on the go!

Camangi WebStation is the essential device for a simpler digital life. If you’re looking for a portable device that can fulfill your modern day demands on the go, Camangi WebStation will go above and beyond your need by offering audio, recreational apps, and experience the Internet without ever touching your computer or cell phone. Start embracing the next level of Internet Tablet!

What I can tell you so far is that it feels EXTREMELY solid, and although it is a little heavier than I expected, it does so much more than a Kindle, nook, or … really, any other device that isn’t also an iPhone (or Android model, for that matter).

The Camangi is $399, but available for preorder at $389 right now.

23 Responses to " The Camangi Webstation Unboxed "

  1. PM Radio says:

    RT @GearDiarySite: The Camangi Webstation Unboxed

  2. alslayer says:

    Wow you are the first site I have seen with this device. I was so close to buying it but I decided on a tc1100.

  3. Allen Hong says:

    Does it have that new device smell?

  4. jayf says:

    Did anyone who has received theeir Webstation also get the promised 8GB MicroSD card?

    One was not inclluded with the unit I received this morning.

    I sent a message and waiting to hear from Camangi as to when/if I can expect it.

  5. Mike Cane says:

    *ALERT* The Camangi Webstation Unboxed @jafurtado @jane_l @MoriahJovan

  6. danc says:

    RT @GearDiarySite: The Camangi Webstation Unboxed

  7. Allistair Lee says:

    GD: The Camangi Webstation Unboxed

  8. Camangi Webstation (eerste 7" Android tablet) unboxing foto's:

  9. @Jayf – Mine came with the 8GB card already installed in the slot. 🙂

  10. RT @GearDiarySite: The Camangi Webstation Unboxed

  11. OMG, the Camangi WebStation looks *amazing*: A huge 7" color screen the size of a Nook/Kindle for $399?!? Very cool.

  12. RT @GearDiarySite: The Camangi Webstation Unboxed

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    Android Camangi Webstation unboxed

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