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The Cotton Hoodie from Scottevest has an MSRP of $70 and is available now. Now I know what you’re thinking — $70 is a little bit expensive for a cotton hoodie. And, in most cases you’re absolutely correct. A quick Google search for the garment yields a host of various offerings that are, for the most part significantly less than $70. Then again, those hoodies aren’t from Scottevest. Those hoodies don’t combine comfort with the kind of organizational system SEV is known for.

So yes, this particular garment comes at a slight premium cost-wise but what you get for that premium is, in my opinion, worth every penny. The hoodie is soft, comfortable, and includes all of the special features that make clothing from Scottevest special.

From Scottevest…

The SeV Cotton Hoodie is unlike any cotton hoodie you’ve ever seen before! It is available in a gray color. Even fans of the original SeV Microfleece Hoodie will want to add this comfortable, everyday hoodie to their wardrobe. With 13 pockets you’ll never need to leave any of your electronics or gear behind, and even better…our NoBulge™ Pocket design will ensure that you keep a sleek exterior appearance even with your pockets full. Some of the interior pockets incorporate clear touch so you can see and control your touchscreen devices right through the cloth, while our Personal Area Network (PAN) keeps your headphone wires from getting tangled. No other hoodie on the market comes close!
Made of 100% Cotton. Machine Washable… but your gadgets aren’t! Be sure to remove them before washing.

My Thoughts (Elana’s too!!)



I tend to be a fan of this kind of garment. As I have gotten older I have grown to appreciate clothing that is super comfortable. That is why I love clothing that is loose, comfortable and warm. This hoodie is all those thing and more.


When I first put the SEV Cotton Hoodie on Elana said, “Oooh I like that… who makes it?” I told her and she said, “Well Scottevest has really upped their game. I like this a lot… I like this a whole lot.”

Okay, fine, but I wanted top know WHAT it was about the hoodie that she liked. I asked and this is what Elana said (with a bit of me opining in the parenthesis)-

The SEV cotton Hoodie is fashionable, and looks trendy (I didn’t think hoodies could be trendy, who knew??). I like the material it is made from a lot. (Me too!) It is a nice color gray that looks great. (I’m color blind, I don’t really care one way or another.) They used very good quality material in this (all my SEV clothing has held up over the years) and the inside material is especially soft. Oh, and the pulls are thick, easy to grab and surdy. (Don’t you just hate whimpy pulls??) It looks “au currant” (had to look it up since it is not a term I would ever use). And I like the design on the back (shocked me as I expected her to hate it!). It makes it look more fashionable, like a hoodie you would find from a fashionable designer. (Uhm, didn’t know designers made hoodies… learn something new every day.)

Then Elana said the thing that most stands out in my mind-


It not only looks nice but the pockets are done in such a way that you don’t look at it and immediately think- “Oh this is one of those pieces of tech clothing”. It has the function you like Dan, but it doesn’t LOOK like it does. I like that.

So there you have it- the hoodie passed muster with my non-tech obsessed spouse. That says a lot. Fortunately for me, though, the SEV Cotton Hoodie has all the features Elana’s tech-obsessed husband loves. The hoodie doesn’t have as many pockets as some of Scottevest’s other items but it has more than enough to keep you comfortable and organized.


Like all of the other clothing that we’ve been reviewing recently both the left and the right front breast has a pocket for a cell phone and iPod.


Both come with the clear touch material that makes me really appreciate the current lineup from SEV. The external side pockets are typical for a hoodie but have the extra touch of SEV magnets to keep the contents from spilling out.


A hidden zipper on the right side seam gives access to two interior storage pockets.


And, of course, the hoodie has SEV’s personal area network for managing headphone cables.

As I said the beginning of this review, $70 strikes me as rather pricey for a simple cotton hoodie. It is. Thing is, this isn’t a simple cotton hoodie. This is a cotton hoodie done Scottevest-style, and I love it.

It comes in your choice of gray… or gray… 🙂 but it does come both with and without the back artwork.

What I Like- Nice material, super comfortable, doesn’t look like a piece of tech clothing, it is a piece of tech clothing, takes the simple cotton hoodie and adds to it all of the features I’ve come to know and appreciate, Elana really likes it!!!

What Needs Improvement- Only one color, SEV’s sizes tend to run in such a way that many Large size are a bit too large for me and many medium size are on the border of too tight. For example, the hoodie fits perfectly right now, such that I will ONLY wash it in cold.

The Scottevest Cotton Hoodie has an MSRP of $70 and can be ordered directly from Scottevest’s website.

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  1. Jeff Frantz | January 1, 2010 at 10:28 am |

    Nice review, Dan! I haven’t seen the cotton hoodie in person (yet), but I just received a fleece SeV hoodie and I have to say it’s awesome. It has two fewer pockets than the cotton version, but then again, I don’t expect to be able to fill them all anyway!

  2. Great Review !
    I love Scottevest
    My next purchase

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