New Video on the HP Slate Demoed at CES 2010

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New Video on the HP Slate Demoed at CES 2010

At CES 2010, Steve Ballmer was showing off a variety of computers, including an HP Slate device. All that was said at the time was it would be available in 2010, and that it was an actual product. Read on for more information on the video.

The following video was created by HP and is an interview between Greta Schlender, an HP Spokesperson, and Phil McKinney, CTO of HP’s Personal Systems Group. In the video, Phil explains that the tablet was developed and shelved over two years ago due to it not being viable yet in the market. However, due to a “perfect storm” (in Phil’s terms) of hardware and software available now, this device can be produced for mass market appeal.

No more details on availability, other than “in 2010”, but they say to stay tuned for more details. For those who are interested in Tablet PCs, or a non-Apple tablet, this is a very interesting piece of hardware.

HP Live Newscast (via @steverubel)

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