Finger Physics Free for iPhone/Touch App Review

The number of puzzle games in the App Store is staggering. I have played or reviewed a fair amount of them myself. Many of the games are very similar with their own different twist. Once in a while we run across a puzzle game that is unique. Finger Physics Free is one such game. Find out what it is after the break.

Finger Physics Free is exactly what the name implies. Use your index finger to solve puzzles that involve physics. Sounds simple right?

Finger Physics Free provides four types of puzzles to solve. As the levels progress, these puzzles continually get more difficult. Instructions for completing each level are available in the help section if you get stumped.

Lawn Mode: Use all of the blocks to construct a stable building. The blocks will be various shapes and sizes as well as the surface to which to build them on. Be careful to place blocks in a position to hold everything together. One false move and the whole thing will tumble.

Egg Mode: To defeat the levels in egg mode, drop the egg into the basket. It sounds easy, but later levels will provide quite the challenge. The egg will begin somewhere at the top of the screen and will start to move by breaking certain blocks. Other blocks on the board may not break so plan carefully before tapping!

Lunar Mode: Taking one piece at a time, build a single tower as high as possible using all of the blocks. Be careful to keep the tower in alignment or it will slowly sway back and forth and eventually topple to the ground. This becomes especially difficult when spheres are introduced. Plan accordingly!

Underwater Mode: These puzzles are similar to the Lawn Mode since the object is to build a stable building using all of the blocks provided. The challenge is different since some of the blocks float while others sink. Using each type of block together along with permanent pieces on the board are key to defeating these levels.

The different modes of gameplay provide many unique and difficult challenges. Not only are the puzzles more difficult in later levels, but new types of blocks are introduced. Magnet blocks, exploding blocks, gravity blocks, geared blocks and pinned blocks will totally change the game and strategies needed to finish the levels. This game takes a simple concept and slowly increases the difficulty that both trains the player as well as keep them coming back for more. Get Finger Physics Free here in the app store for FREE.

What I like: Unique and challenging gameplay.

What could be improved: HINTS! Some of the levels need a small hint to get you going.


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