Consumerist Counters the NCAA with its own ‘Worst Company In America’ Bracket

Consumerist Counters the NCAA with its own 'Worst Company In America' Bracket
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The Consumerist website regularly tracks misdeeds by various companies and also our rights as consumers … oh, and some crazy stuff going on in the retail world! Starting back in 2008, they started awarding the ‘Golden Poo Award’, for the crappiest company in the nation! The first year it went to Bank of America, last year to AIG, and now they are getting underway with the bracket voting for the finalists!

First up – Walmart vs. Sears/KMart. Who do you think is worst? I’m not sure what else to say but … get to Consumerist and Vote!

Personally I am not sure who to hope wins … but Bank of America still is a personal choice due to their abysmal service. I still have accounts at Bank of America … and while I have thought they were terrible for years, the contrast compared to our excellent local credit union is just staggering!

But perhaps my favorite match-up is in the lower right … Apple vs. Microsoft! Not too long ago I would have questioned Apple even being on the list – but with all of the moves they have made recently, particularly on the App Store, their heavy-handed draconian attitude has definitely earned them a spot. But are they ‘more evil’ than Microsoft?

Do you like the idea? Do you think it matters as anything but a bit of fun? What makes a company good or bad aside from the products they make? Is it service? Social responsibility? What else matters to you?

Source: Consumerist

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