Avatar DRM Make Blu-Ray Watching Na’vi Cry

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Avatar DRM Make Blu-Ray Watching Na'vi Cry Listen to this article

Avatar DRM Make Blu-Ray Watching Na'vi Cry
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The big DVD news this week – well aside from watching Peter Jackson continue his spiral into mediocrity with The Lovely Bones – is the mega-release of the wonderful but over-hyped Avatar on DVD & Blu-Ray.

This should be a good thing – I know my kids are looking forward to seeing the amazing visual spectacle again in our home theater. But – there was a problem! According to a post at the Consumerist, many folks are unable to watch the Blu-Ray version due to DRM that Fox has on the disc. They reference an animated discussion at Amazon, where this comment was made:

My 2K Denon player and the $200 Samsung both will not play this movie. The folks at Denon seemed stumped even after the firmware update. What we should all do is return the Blu Ray so 20th Century Fox gets a hint. Copy protection is one thing but when 3 out of 3 players in my house (Denon, Samsung and PC) won’t play it then 20th Century Fox should be slapped with losses on this one for doing this crap.

I have often found myself with a divided opinion, as I do here: on the one hand, I respect the right of the content holder to protect their intellectual property. On the other hand, I believe that a consumer should never be blocked from the legal enjoyment of a product they purchased – especially when used in the manner intended by the producer!

Finally, since I would guarantee without even doing a quick search that this movie is already floating around pirate websites, what is the overall message? Once again – legal paying customers are blocked from content they paid for while pirates proceed unimpeded. Great job, Fox! Here is a little reminder for the guys at Fox:

Avatar DRM Make Blu-Ray Watching Na'vi Cry

Source: Consumerist

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