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May 3, 2010 • News

Clear-Coat Protects Your Gadgets


Larry swears by Clear-Coat, one of the up and coming scratch protectors for a wide range of devices. As I wrote yesterday, he didn’t even open his iPad 3G on Friday but instead opted to immediately take it to the Clear-Coat cart near him. That way he was guaranteed that his device would be protected from the first minute of its use.

Larry had sent me Clear-Coats to try for both my iPhone 3GS and my iPad. I installed them myself and found the process to be easy enough. I am happy to say that, thanks to Clear-Coat, I am carrying my iPhone without a case most of the time. I did an okay job installing the shield but nothing, NOTHING beats having it done by a professional. Here’s Larry’s video of the process…

When the iPad 3G came on Friday I was tempted to drive out to Larry’s and have it professionally protected. It is a bit of a drive though, so it never happened. Well as luck would have it, last week a Clear-Coat cart opened at the Rockaway Town Square Mall. That’s just 15 minutes from me. Guess where I am going this afternoon??

For more information on Clear-Coat, check out their Web site.

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  4. Dan Cohen says:

    I’m at the new cart now and having my ipad covered. Amazing how good this thing looks. I’m sold on them.

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