850 Meter Beaver Dam 20 Years in the Making!

850 Meter Beaver Dam 20 Years in the Making!

When most of us think of a beaver dam, the image above comes to mind. But CBC News brings us the story of what is reportedly the world’s biggest beaver dam – 850 meters long (~2800 feet!). Check out the satellite image from Google Earth:

850 Meter Beaver Dam 20 Years in the Making!
Image courtesy of FreshBrainz

Apparently the massive dam was first found in 2007, but has gotten even larger than before, and the ease with which it is found on Google Earth is stunning. Researchers estimate that the dam has been under construction for 20 years!

“[Beavers] are one of the few species that really leave a footprint on the Earth that is visible from satellite,” ecologist Jean Thie told CBC News in an interview in 2008.

Thie said he discovered the dam while scanning satellite images for signs of climate change.

The previously reported largest beaver dam was a 652-metre structure in Three Forks, Mont., Thie said.

What amazing determination … I really need to get these beavers working on some projects around my house!

Source: CBC News

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