SureFit Debuts “Auto Friends” Line of Products

SureFit Debuts "Auto Friends" Line of Products

I have a very large dog who loves car rides. He also enjoys rolling around in mud, swimming and refusing to sit still to be dried off, and of course, shedding the equivalent of 4 dogs worth of fur in an afternoon. So my backseat is constantly in a state of slight messiness. Then, of course, there was the time he ate a bag of mint Hershey’s kisses and decided they didn’t agree with his stomach as we were en route to the emergency vet. Trust me, the conversation you never, ever want to have with your partner is “Does it smell minty in here to you?” and then realize neither of you put a towel down for the dog.

All this means I’m deeply familiar with the issues surrounding bringing your dog in your car. Luckily, it appears the folks over at SureFit are on it, with some nice covers and hammocks to protect your car and your pet as you ride along the open highway. Considering the issues I’ve had with getting blankets and towels to stay put, these seem like a much better approach, especially since they have a grippy side to avoid bunching.

Surefit also has some tips on good places to bring your dog this summer, so check out their press release below!

Are you one of the many people planning a road trip with your pet this summer? Over 49% of adult travelers consider their pet to be part of the family and 18% of adult travelers can’t imagine a vacation without Fido.   Leading Slipcover and Home Solution company Sure Fit is thrilled to introduce their Auto Friends Collection, an easy budget-friendly way to help keep your pet safe and your car protected. The hammock one-piece style secures to car seat headrests, keeping your pet from tumbling to the floor during sudden stops while working double duty to protecting the seats from fur and stains.    The Sure Fit Auto Friends Collection is available in Car Seat, Cargo Mat, Floor Mat, and Car Hammock styles in a variety of colors on All covers have a waterproof lining and no-slip grips, protecting from any accidents along the way ($14.99-29.99).

Now that your pet is ready, below is a list of Sure Fit’s Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities to help plan your road trip:

1. New York City – Between winding trails, off-leash hours and fenced-in dog parks, NYC’s Central Park is the perfect pet hang-out. Plus, pet daycare can be found in nearly every Big Apple neighborhood.

2. Chicago – Dogs are welcome on canine cruises at Chicago’s Navy Pier, and the Windy City is home to a number of pet resorts and patio restaurants that welcome furry friends.

3. Boston – Pooches are welcome to tour Boston Harbor by boat, and dogs are welcome to take the subway.

4. Houston – Local pet lovers praise Barnaby’s Cafe, where pets aren’t just welcome, they’re given their own cardboard bowl to dine from while their owners grab a bite.

5. San Francisco – The city by the bay offers plenty of pet-friendly dining, off-leash beaches, and outdoor areas. Take your dog for a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge — or even bring him along on a cable-car ride!

6. Austin – Besides outdoor cafes and off-leash parks, Austin residents tout the Zilker Botanical Gardens and Congress Street Bats as great places for local dogs (and dog-owners).

7. Washington (and its suburb Alexandria, Va.) – Both areas feature plenty of pet-friendly restaurants and parks.

8. Portland, Ore. – The Lucky Labrador restaurant chain is famously pet-friendly. Pets are also invited to visit the Rose Gardens and Saturday outdoor market.

9. Charleston – Bring your pet along on a walking tour of historic Charleston, whether it’s a daytime stroll through Magnolia Plantation or a nighttime ghost tour of the city’s haunted haunts.

10. Ann Arbor – Pets are welcome to frolic in many of the city’s outdoor spaces, including the Nichols Arboretum, a large botanical garden at the University of Michigan.

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