Review: M-Edge Leisure Jacket For iPad

Review: M-Edge Leisure Jacket For iPad

Finding the iPad case that is right for me has proven to be a difficult task.  There are so many options and styles, finding the perfect option is truly an exercise in trial and error.  I thought I would give the iPad Leisure Jacket by M-Edge a try since it is compact and provides a lot of protection from the environment.  The product has left me with mixed results.  Kind of an interesting idea that does not work.

* The Leisure Jacket provides superior protection against sand, dirt, and     moisture by utilizing a read-through, clear vinyl cover.
* Protective double closure zipper allows access to charging port without removing iPad from jacket
* The interior includes a high density foam frame to provide outstanding device security, and iPad can be flipped over for additional screen protection while traveling.
* Large exterior zipper compartment contains a pocket sized for the iPhone and additional pockets for accessory storage.
* The clear vinyl front cover allows full functionality of iPad’s touch screen.
* Weight: 8.90oz
* Dimensions: 8.5in x 10.5in x 0.75in

Review: M-Edge Leisure Jacket For iPad

The Leisure Jacket is basically an iPad case with a clear front zippered cover.  As a normal indoor iPad user, this is a bit of overkill and does not work very well.  I immediately placed my iPad in the case and tested all of the functionality.  I was surprised to discover that the high density foam frame does not help lock the iPad into place.  It does fit nicely in the frame, which does provide some added protection, but if the zipper opens and case is at the wrong angle, the iPad will always fall out of the case.  There are slots in the frame to allow for access to all of the buttons but when the top is zipped shut, using them is difficult at best.  The double zipper design does help this problem somewhat.

Review: M-Edge Leisure Jacket For iPad

Once inside and zipped up, the iPad is safer.  Light moisture, sand, etc… will not reach the device and the touch screen is usable.  Now, the touch screen is usable, but turns into a terrible experience.  The plastic cover is fairly loose and kind of wavy.  Swiping means pushing the waves in the plastic along the screen.  When the plastic cover touches the iPad screen, some spots stick and give the appearance of moisture.  When I pulled the iPad out of the case, the vinyl had stuck to my screen and pulled up my clear protector in one corner.  Beware if you have a protector on the screen.  I found the entire experience of using the iPad inside the Leisure Jacket to be awful.  The beauty and magic that makes the iPad so great is lost when covered by a sheet of loose plastic.

Review: M-Edge Leisure Jacket For iPad

I can see instances where someone might use this case.  I thought of my wife’s step-father (who does not use an iPad btw) using the case in his green houses.  He is highly involved in orchids, keeping many records and studies on them in his large green houses.  It seems like every time I am visit, there is a fine mist in the air.  If he were to begin using an iPad for record keeping, the Leisure Jacket would be a good option to keep the moisture out.  Another good use is to turn the iPad face down and zip the case shut when throwing it into your gear bag.  Yes, this defeats the purpose of the clear cover, but does utilize the high density foam frame to fully protect the screen while traveling.

Review: M-Edge Leisure Jacket For iPad

The M-Edge Leisure Jacket is constructed nicely but really is just an idea that is probably best saved for specialty situations.  If you use an iPad in a situation where moisture or blowing sand may be a problem this could be an option.  My guess is that when not in those situations, the iPad will not be in this case unless face down for travel.  Covering a couch in plastic does protect it the function and style is lost.  The same is true for an iPad.

MSRP: $39.99 from the M-Edge site.

What I like: Nicely constructed and provides protection from the elements when needed.

What could use improvement: The function of the clear top is not good and the cover stuck to my screen protector and peeled the corner off.

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