New Dragon Age Patch Breaks DLC, the Solution? Patience!

New Dragon Age Patch Breaks DLC, the Solution? Patience!

There is nothing worse than starting up a game and getting an error message like the one above – you have done everything right, installed everything, logged into the account, even played before using all of this content. But now, you log in and cannot start the game, and are told that you are not authorized to use the content and that the owner of the content needs to log in. ARRGH!

After doing all of the usual stuff – logging in and out of my in-game account, restarting the game, checking my online profile and so on … I checked the Bioware ‘Social’ Forums Forums. I hoped that this was a common problem … and hoped more for a simple solution. Sadly the first things I read were about uninstalling and reinstalling – I really had little interest in going through all of THAT again.

But later on in the thread a suggestion is made to just be patient. So I started Dragon Age again, got the same message, and then left it sitting while I played some of LEGO Harry Potter on the PSP. Sure enough, once everything had a chance to update and settle in with the patch and the online profile server it was fine and I could get back to playing the cool new Leliana’s Song DLC.

Patience has long been the bane of the techie – waiting for vacuum tubes to cool, for capacitors to discharge, for batteries to drain … and now for DLC authentication to replicate to the servers!

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  2. New Dragon Age Patch Breaks DLC, the Solution? Patience!

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