Dynomighty Wallet Review


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Dynomighty Wallet Review

If you’re like me, you probably don’t give much thought to your wallet. It holds stuff, then slowly parts of it disintegrate, or it gets worn and uncomfortable to carry, so it’s time for a new one. Mine all look essentially the same; I tend to favor plain leather wallets with plenty of pockets to hold credit cards, business cards, discount cards, etc. Still, I’m always open to new ways to hold everything together, especially in a thinner package, so when Dynomighty offered the chance to review the Mighty Wallet I thought it would be fun!

Dynomighty Wallet Review

Dynomighty offers a great rundown of the features that make Mighty Wallet unique:

The Mighty Wallet is not a magic wallet but it has a lot of magical properties demonstrated in a series of viral videos on YouTube. We’ve even suspended our Director of Sales from the ceiling from one very thin wallet. The amazing durability is witnessed by ton’s of satisfied customers that write in to us every day. The mighty wallet is a cool wallet and an affordable wallet that is the ecological answer to common leather wallets.
Most front pocket wallets limit the amount of cards or cash that you can carry with you, but the Mighty Wallet is the only thin bifold wallet that actually adapts to meet your own personal storage needs. The secret again is the folded wallet design. As you stuff your new slim wallet it will gradually expand as needed. The Mighty Wallet is the first one-size-fits-all front pocket wallet ever designed.
The amazing ecological properties of the Mighty Wallet out perform leather wallets, duct tape wallets, and even thin nylon wallets. The ecological aspects of the Mighty Wallet go beyond any other thin wallet on the market including our low energy production capacity, low energy requirements for transport, environmentally friendly inks, recycled and recyclable packaging and the fact that the Mighty Wallet is 100% recyclable with 25% recycled content makes it the most innovative ecological wallet on the market.

Features & specs:

* Tear resistant, water-resistant, stain resistant
* 2 pockets for cash and receipts
* 2 outside pockets for business cards, gift cards, etc
* 2 inner credit card pockets (holds 16+ cards)
* Extremely slim, but expands with use
* Made from 25% recycled content, 100% recyclable
* Printed with SGS Certified Environmentally Friendly Ink.
* 100% recyclable packaging made from recycled PET plastic.
* Dimensions: 3.25″ tall x 4″ wide (folded) – 8″ wide unfolded

They aren’t joking about the strength of Tyvek. Check out this video of one of their employees hanging from a Mighty Wallet:

Now that you know it’s tough and eco-friendly, how does it hold up in everyday use? Very well! It’s slightly smaller than my leather wallet but holds basically the same amount of cards and cash. Personally, I love wallets with a divider in the large cash area, as it makes keeping receipts and cash separate super easy. That alone gives Mighty Wallet a plus.

Dynomighty Wallet Review

In addition, the material is very smooth. It slides easily out of a pocket or bag and feels very well constructed. The only downside to the smooth material is the outside pockets. Be careful what you put there, as I found overstuffing them with plastic cards made everything fly out with a good shake. Even a light grip keeps everything inside, but just beware if you tend to flip your wallet open quickly. Or only use those slots for business cards, as those stay in nicely.

Dynomighty Wallet Review

The two inside credit card pockets work very well, even with four cards stacked together inside. Because there are only two inside pockets, it means everything gets a little tight. If you constantly rotate what card you pull out first, or you’re concerned about immediate and easy access to everything in your wallet, you may have a problem. And as I said above, the cash pockets are roomy and fit cash, receipts, and even other random cards quite well.

I didn’t torture test the Mighty Wallet, but in general twisting and turning it held up quite well. Between the light weight, the smoothness of the material, and the overall construction of the wallet, it really melts right into your pocket. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly wallet, a vegan wallet, one with some geek cred, or just something unusual, you can’t go wrong with the Mighty Wallet! Personally, I liked the “air mail” design, but they offer many other choices, including do-it-yourself plain wallets that you can draw on with a Sharpie. So which design will you be carrying with you?

What I Like: Very lightweight; Compact but expandable; Very tough; Vegan; Unusual construction

What Needs Improvement: Could have more organization pockets

The Mighty Wallet is $15.00 and available directly from Dynomighty.

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