Cisco’s Valet Makes Wireless Network Setup Easy, New Survey Shows Just How Important That Is

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A survey just out shows that 73 percent of adults plan to use a computer or Wi-Fi-connected device while traveling this summer. No surprise there. It goes on to note that nearly half of those vacationers plan to access the Internet through their host’s home network! This according to a consumer survey conducted by Opinion Research for Cisco’s Consumer Products group. Here are the survey results…

* 59 percent of adults plan to use a computer or Wi-Fi device while visiting family and friends this summer, and 37 percent said they will tap into their host’s wireless network to access the Internet.

* 73 percent of adults ages 18-34 say they plan to use a computer or Wi-Fi device while traveling, and nearly one-half (47 percent) plan to access the Internet through their host’s home network.

Scott Kabat, director of marketing for Cisco Consumer Products observes that “People traveling to their friends’ and family’s homes for vacation often want to access the Internet, but historically that has not been easy for either the guests or their hosts. Our Cisco Valet home wireless solution makes it simple for hosts to create a separate guest network so everyone can be connected and protected.”

Cisco’s Valet makes it easy for anyone to easily set up wireless Internet access in their home for less than $100 . Yup, for just $100 the Valet

lets you transform your house into a wireless hotspot within minutes. With just a few clicks, you can easily offer guests instant access on a separate guest network that keeps your private information secure.

So how easy is it to set up a Valet router?

We’ll know this weekend. You see, we have neighbors/friends up at the lake whose wireless network is non-existent. Yes, they have a router but they don’t have a router that works. We, on the other hand, have a review sample of the Valet right here. 🙂

We’ll be giving Chuck and his family the unit on Friday. We’ll offer no instructions or assistance… and we’ll record the process as they set the Valet up.

Will it be as simple as Cisco claims? We’ll know more by the weekend so.. stay tuned!

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