Philo Social Network Launches “Save Teresa” Campaign


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Philo Social Network Launches "Save Teresa" Campaign

Who says social networking doesn’t do anything good for the world? Philo, a social network designed around sharing your television addiction habits, has launched a “Save Teresa” campaign. Don’t know who Teresa is? Read on…

Teresa Guidice is one of the “stars” of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. While I try to avoid tv trash, it’s a train wreck of a show I can’t stop watching. I keep justifying it as keeping up with the various ways people can make fun of me for being from New Jersey, even if I can shamefully explain the “plot” of each episode. So now you know Teresa is a reality star, but why does she need saving? Is she being stalked by Bravo superfans? Not exactly…

Teresa and her husband recently filed for bankruptcy, despite appearing extremely well to do on the show. They are in an incredible amount of debt, to the tune of several million dollars. But if you check in on Philo as you watch tv, they’ll donate a whopping $.01 to their “Save Teresa” campaign! If you watch the show every time Bravo re-airs it, you can probably generate up to $.25 to Teresa each week!

This whole thing is just a major gimmick to get people talking about Philo, and in that respect, it works well. If you really want to help Teresa, try bidding on some of her stuff! Apparently, they have some pretty cool stuff they bought, like a suit of armor. Because nothing says success like a decorative medieval army suit!

So I’m curious…do you plan on checking into Philo and helping out Teresa, one tiny cent at a time? Do you even watch the Real Housewives show? And remember, if you don’t help Teresa out, she might throw a table at you:

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