Hey, Why Not? Help Send the Jason Parker Quartet to Iceland With 3 Mouse Clicks!

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Hey, Why Not? Help Send the Jason Parker Quartet to Iceland With 3 Mouse Clicks! Listen to this article

Hey, Why Not? Help Send the Jason Parker Quartet to Iceland With 3 Mouse Clicks!

No money involved, and you just have to enter a name and email.

I have talked about the Jason Parker Quartet quite a bit in reviews of their music as well as praising their business ethics and pay-what-you-want practice. Now they have made it on to a list of bands nominated to be sent to Iceland to represent Seattle. Voting is open, and it is quick and easy. Naturally if you live in Seattle or know any of the other groups you might have already voted, but otherwise here is a chance to support a great band that is doing some wonderful stuff in the field of jazz.

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From the One Working Musician site:

It’s been a dream of mine to visit Iceland for many years. The scenery, the people, the artistic community all seem so cool! Now, with your help, my dream could become a reality!

The Jason Parker Quartet is one of the few jazz bands featured in this year’s Seattle Weekly REVERB Fest. They are holding a contest in conjunction with Seattle radio station KEXP to send one of the bands playing the festival to Iceland to play at the Iceland Airwaves Festival a well.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the band sent to represent Seattle was a jazz band? And wouldn’t it be cool if that jazz band was the JPQ???

Please take one minute and CLICK HERE to vote for the JPQ and send us to Iceland to represent Seatown. I promise we will be worthy emissaries and spread the passion, joy and love that embodies the Seattle jazz scene!

Head on over to One Working Musician for more info or straight to the Seattle Weekly site to vote!
Source: One Working Musician

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