Thinksound ts02+ mic Review: Going Green Sounds Even Better Now

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Thinksound ts02+ mic Review: Going Green Sounds Even Better Now Listen to this article


Last February I had the chance to review Thinksound’s first two offerings. The “Rain” and the “Thunder” were the company’s first entries into the earbud market. Thinksound is a company that takes environmental impact seriously. Everything they use in the construction of their products, from the packaging made from recycled materials to the PVC free cable, is all about leaving as small a eco-footprint as possible. And before you ask, the answer is no. Going green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Thinksound makes a pleasant sounding, good looking headphone now with the addition of a microphone.

The ts02+ mic, the company’s newest offering, is an 8mm in ear, high definition headphone with microphone and call and music control. They headphones are available in both of Thinksound’s finishes, Silver Cherry or Black Chocolate. The ts02+ utilizes a standard 3.5mm jack so it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry and most other Smartphone models.


Like their previous models the ts02+ come in recycled packaging and includes a small carrying bag, extra sizes of ear fittings (s, m, l, xl) and a cord keeper. The headphones weigh in at 12 grams and are crafted from a combination of a wood housing and aluminum baffle.


You can tell the company takes their eco-footprint seriously. They don’t even use twist-ties. The packaging contains nothing that isn’t necessary. No plastic, no inserts etc.


At 8mm the ts02+ is a smaller earbud than some of the competitive product I’ve tried but that doesn’t mean it’s missing the mark when it comes to sound. The ts02+ fits comfortably and its high-definition driver pumps out warm sound that is as clean as the artist who made it probably intended. Their superb fit results in a decent amount of passive noise cancellation which allows you to enjoy your music without the interference of outside ambient noise.


Music and voice controls are done so via the headset’s inline one-button remote. You can answer calls and pause or play your music from the button. Fast Forward is also done via the button as well by double clicking. Holding down the button initiates Voice Control as well (on the iPhone.)

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The 3.5mm jack itself is gold-plated and small enough to fit in most devices that are being protected by a case.


I find the ts02+ to be a great all purpose headphone. It’s not huge in any particular area, bass is average, mids are warm and treble smooth but they are perfect for just sitting down and enjoying music. The smaller 8mm driver is comfortable for longer, extended listening sessions and the addition of the microphone and remote mean the ts02+ can from iPod to iPhone and never look back.

At $100 the ts02+ falls into a price level that doesn’t see a lot of competitors. There are a ton of very inexpensive headphones and many high priced ones as well. What there are not a lot of are headphones at this $100 price point and that’s a shame. For $100 you get a much better listening experience than if you were to use a set of $30 or under earbuds. Music just flat out sounds better. Your can pick up subtle sounds that you normally wouldn’t even hear. Certain parts of instrumentals or the twinge in a singer’s voice all come through via the ts02+’s ample driver.

You can learn more about the ts02+ by visiting the Thinksound website here.

MSRP: $99

What I Like: Environmentally friendly company, good sounds, comfortable.

What Needs Improvement: Smaller fit might not appeal to everyone.

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