AMC Theaters Goes ‘Back to the Future’ With 25th Anniversary Release!

AMC Theaters Goes 'Back to the Future' With 25th Anniversary Release!

While I sort of lost track of the sequels, I definitely remember seeing the original Back to the Future in theaters back in 1985! I saw it with a bunch of friends who were, like me, home for the summer from college but busy working as much as possible to earn whatever we could for the coming year. And while the screening at a campus the following spring elicited some derisive chuckles over the ‘flux capacitor’ – since flux means change and capacitor is for storage – the room was packed with folks who really loved the film.

And why not – Michael J. Fox was in the midst of a magnificent run as Alex P. Keaton and Robert Zemekis was hot off Romancing the Stone, and adding Taxi’s Christopher Lloyd and up-and-comer Lea Thompson in multiple roles to the mix just worked great. The movie brought it all together – the present, the past, and the future in the form of a kid thrust back to the days his parents were in high school.

Now AMC Theaters is bringing the film back for a limited 25th Anniversary run in select AMC theaters. Here is the info:

Back to the Future fans’ hopes and wishes for a U.S. theatrical rerelease similar to that in the U.K. are finally coming true, courtesy of AMC Theatres, which will exclusively present the digitally-remastered film in more than 150 theatres across 40 different markets this October.

Advanced tickets for this very limited engagement are on sale now at for special showings taking place on Saturday, October 23rd at 12:30 PM, and again on Monday, October 25th at 7:00 PM, locally within each participating market. While supplies last, attendees will receive a free full-sized 25th Anniversary commemorative poster identical to the poster used in theaters for the re-release. Each participating theater will have special movie-related giveaways prior to the movie as a part of the big-screen experience.

My kids have greatly enjoyed the movies as a bit of an 80’s spectacle … though they have no clue about what a DeLorean is anymore …

Source: AMC Theaters via Wired


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